Multi-Sport Mouthguards that Salute National Dentist’s Day

Football player wearing fangs mouthguard

The mouthguard might not seem exciting at first glance, but remember: this is not just another piece of boring athletic equipment – it lets you make a statement without saying a word. It's also protection, of course. When things get intense, you want to know that your mouthguard will save your grill.

With National Dentist's Day coming up on Wednesday, March 6th, what better time to showcase a killer mouthguard? These are repped by players doing battle on fields and courts every day. Now, it's your turn to show off your modern look in a whole new way.

Battle Sports has a mouthguard for any player at any position — and designs that only add to the drip on display. Football, basketball, lacrosse … no matter how you hit the field or the court, you want to feel confident that your mouth protection and player style will always be in great shape.

Still not sure you want to commit? Peep these dentist-approved mouthguards and you'll definitely be ready to score one in time for National Dentist's Day.

Multi-Sport Protection: Speed Mouthguard with Strap

Are you worried about your mouthguard getting lost in the trenches or on the bench? Strap up with the Speed Mouthguard. This is a favorite among the football crowd but versatile enough to protect many types of athletes.

Available in a variety of colors — plus sick styles like Beware of Dog and the Predator — the Speed mouth guard gets the job done in more ways than one.

Speed mouthguard for football, hockey, and lacrosse

The adjustable strap fits any football helmet, but it's also one of the best mouthguards for hockey players. It'll strap onto any cage or face mask for confidence on the ice. 

This mouthguard conveniently attaches to helmet cages, so lacrosse players can also show out with this multi-purpose mouthguard. What better way to bring that speed demon mentality (with a protected smile) onto the field?

Convenience Across Every Game: Oxygen Convertible Strap Mouthguards

Mouthguards are prime for personalization, and no model makes that more obvious than the Oxygen Convertible Strap Football Mouthguard. Sure, team colors keep everything coordinated, but what if you want to flex on your opponent?

Oxygen connected strap mouthguard for football, hockey, and lacrosse

Pick up the Speed Freak, Ruthless, or Filthy Rich design and let the mouth guard do all the talking. Cool mouthguards like the Oxygen help breathe new life into sports that call for some extra flex.

Whether you hit the field or the rink, you’ll discover maximum performance when you gear up with the Oxygen. Get ready for better airflow and better game.

The Perfect Fit for Every Sport: Ultra-Fit Mouth Guards

Battle is all about versatility, which is why we offer more than just mouthguards for football players. Any athlete in need of some extra protection will want to grab the Ultra-Fit Mouth Guard. It's sure to satisfy with a timeless design that's been a standard for decades. 

Adult and youth ultra-fit mouthguard for football, basketball, hockey, rugby, and lacrosse

This mouthguard is super practical: it's easy to put in and just as easy to take out — especially if you're ready for trash-talking. 

If you need to keep it a bit more PG, that’s just fine: this versatile mouthguard is a great fit for youth and adult players alike – it works wonders for athletes of every age. 

Comfort is never an issue, which is why the Ultra-Fit has long been one of the most popular mouthguards for basketball players. Another option: add it to your lacrosse lineup for savvy style and convenient protection.

There's no need to choose function over fashion, but function still comes first with the Ultra-Fit. If you want to boost your style, deck it out in colors that match your team's gear. 

Make a Statement: Binky Oxygen Football Mouthguards

There's nothing subtle about the Binky style of mouth guard from Battle Sports. Boasting an oversized ring, it's the perfect piece for ball carriers looking to go straight from the crib all the way to the house. 

Binky oxygen mouthguard

This extra drippy mouthguard combines the fit and feel of Battle's Oxygen model with a pacifier ring that's available in all kinds of color combinations.

Top picks include the Diamond and Chrome models. You'll love the 90s throwback vibes featuring bright pink and blue. Let the competition know the youth movement is coming at them with the Binky Oxygen Football Mouth Guard — in no time at all they'll be asking for Mommy.

Pair True Mouth Protection Modern Style With Battle Mouthguards

Dentists agree: Battle Sports fields an elite lineup of player-approved mouthguards for lacrosse players, football players, and other athletes. Pairing premier mouth protection with show-stopping styles, all it takes to impress your dentist and your opponents alike is a Battle Sports mouthguard.