Essential Football Equipment for 7v7 Season


The popularity of 7v7 football has grown a lot in recent years. It gives players a chance to keep their skills sharp during the offseason and coaches like it because it allows them to run plays without requiring contact every time. Coaches can often tell who has been playing 7v7 during the offseason since their skills are still sharp, and they're ready on day one of the regular season practice. If you are going to be playing this game, you need the proper 7v7 football equipment, so you can still look sharp and stay safe. Here's a closer look at the game itself and the essential 7v7 equipment for it at Battle Sports.

7v7 Football Explained

The simplest explanation of 7v7 is that it's a game of touch football with seven players on each team. Tackling is prohibited, and a player is "down" anytime an opposing player gets two hands on them anywhere below the neck. There's not much in the way of rough contact in a game, so players can work on their skills and get some exercise on the field without worrying about full contact.

Rules for 7v7 vary depending on what part of the country you're in. A typical offensive setup will be a center to snap the ball, a quarterback, and some wide receivers and running backs. On defense, you might have linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties.

You're not wearing full pads to play 7v7 because there's no tackling, but injuries are still possible. You can get turf burns when diving for the ball or twist an ankle when running a play. With that in mind, you'll still want to wear some essential pieces of football gear when playing.

Essential 7v7 Football Gear

Football Gloves

There tends to be a lot more throwing and catching in 7v7, so a pair of Battle Double Threat Receiver Gloves is a must-have. The tacky grip on these gloves allows for superior ball control, whether you're throwing, running, or catching. We have many different colors available when it comes to football gloves, so you can also show some of your own personal drip on the field. 

Turf Tape

Turf burn is still very much a possibility when playing 7v7 football, so Battle Turf Tape is another essential. This extremely sticky tape attaches to the backs of the arms to protect against scrapes, blisters, or burns when you dive for the ball, especially on artificial turf. Our turf tape is flexible so it won't impact your on-the-field performance. It also comes in multiple colors.

Full Arm Sleeves

An alternative to turf tape, especially when it's cold outside, is a pair of Battle Full Arm Sleeves. Our sleeves are made with form-fitting material that has built-in compression bands, so you won't need to keep adjusting them during play. They're also made with superior sweat-wicking material.

Ankle Support

Offensive skills players get to show off their stuff in a game of 7v7 football, which means a twisted or sprained ankle is a real possibility. A pair of Battle Cleat Sleeves can provide extra ankle support to prevent these types of injuries. The sleeves also keep your laces tied during a game, so you never trip on them or need to re-tie them between plays. 

Mouth Guard

When you have a bunch of players running at top speed in a game, accidental collisions are going to happen from time to time. It makes sense to include a Battle Standard Mouth Guard as a piece of your essential 7v7 equipment. Our mouthguards are cool and functional and utilize a custom fit for comfort and utility. 

Compression Gear

Battle Sports Compression Gear can help players reduce soreness and improve flexibility. We offer compression shorts, shirts, and girdles that help players stay dry and comfortable on the field. 

Football Towels

You're going to work up a sweat during a fast-paced game of 7v7 football, so a Battle Football Towel is going to be useful. We offer football hand towels in a wide range of colors to match any style or uniform. More importantly though, a hand towel lets you wipe the sweat off your hands before that next crucial play and keeps them dry through all four quarters.

All Your 7v7 Football Equipment in One Place

We’ve got everything you need when it comes to 7v7 football equipment. Bold styles matched with unmarked performance on the field are what you can always expect from Battle Sports.