How to Level Up Your 7v7 Football Drip

7v7 drip

There are many ways to dominate the field. If you haven't joined the 7v7 football revolution, it's time to get on board. No, tackling is not the focus, but don't let that stop you from dropping opponents.

With amped-up running routes and a cutting-edge passing game, 7v7 is where it's at. This take on your favorite sport is all about airing out — and looking fresh every step of the way.

No matter how you hit the field, you need your 7v7 style to support your on-field performance. After all, the expression, "Look good, play good" exists for a reason. If your game could use a final level-up, our 7v7 football drip recommendation will give you the edge you crave. 

But since 7v7 is not just any sport, not just any gear will do. Remember: you need the right balance of style and performance: something that levels up your game but also delivers maximum swag in the process.

From top to bottom, Battle offers the ultimate in 7v7 football drip. Keep reading to learn about the finest 7v7 football apparel available — and how Battle is refitting the game for the next generation.

Fresh 7v7 Football Gloves

Sure, there's nothing in the rules saying you can't go barehanded, but anyone who's ever caught a slant or Moss'd an opponent knows just how much a great set of gloves can help.

When it comes to cool 7v7 apparel, a fly set of football gloves provides a huge advantage. These can serve as a jumping-off point for a performance boost and style upgrade that's second to none.

Player showing handprint of Beware of Dog football gloves

There are many football glove designs from Battle worth checking out and, if you like to change things up, you can always add several to your collection.

Basic colors deliver a coordinated look, but why not go all out? Keep it fierce with Battle's Skullface, Cash Money, or Beware of Dog football gloves. These gloves are perfect for premier players with a score to settle.

Breathable Hoodies for Hot Competition

When the temperatures drop, the action heats up — especially during the fall football season. It's time to ditch those heavy materials that soak up sweat.

The solution? Battle's Light Action Hoodie. This genius athletic hoodie provides enough warmth to keep the chills away while staying light enough to ensure maximum comfort, speed, and agility between the lines.

High school age football player wearing black Battle Light Action Hoodie in between 7v7 games

Featuring the classic Battle logo on the front — and available in several colors — the Light Action Hoodie should be a staple in every 7v7 player's collection.

Protect Your Grill With 7v7 Football Mouthguards

Cool 7v7 football apparel is about more than just football gloves and athletic hoodies. Mouthguards can make just as big a statement. They're also a must for keeping that grill looking picture-perfect.

Want your 7v7 mouthguard to make an impression? Look for something fresh and unexpected like the Binky Oxygen Football Mouthguard — an unforgettable look that will do everything but pacify the competition. There's no better way to live rent-free in the opposing team's head than after juking a defender while rocking the Binky.

Football player wearing blue and pink Binky mouthguard

Prefer something that isn't straight out of the crib? Try the Ultra-Fit Mouthguard, which is straightforward and super easy to use. Another option: Battle's Spinner Oxygen Football Mouthguard or the other available spinner mouthguard styles. Put the competition in a trance with the Kaleidoscope Spinner Mouthguard, and they'll be hard-pressed to shut down anything in front of them.

Sleeveless Hoodies Keep 7v7 Games Cool

During the hot summer months, intense battles are fought on the gridiron. This is when players need swag that will keep them cool and show off their physique. When in doubt, gear up with the Sleeveless Light Action Hoodie.

College age football player wearing a white Battle Sleeveless Light Action Hoodie for training in warm weather

Constructed from the same material as Battle's iconic Light Action Hoodie, this sleeveless version makes the most of a trusted performance moisture management system. This keeps players dry during the hottest games of the year. 

Complete Your 7v7 Style With Coordinated Shorts

Ready to get some more drip in your game? Pair that Light Action Hoodie with Battle's matching Light Action Shorts 2.0. While some 7v7 teams maintain a fully coordinated look, others let players show out in style by mixing and matching their 7v7 football gear.

College football player wearing Battle Light Action Shorts 2.0 during summer practice

There's no shortage of colors, but that's not the only perk; premium materials and moisture-wicking offer unmatched athletic performance. These shorts look amazing on the field and off, so they're the ultimate fit for maximum versatility.

Dominate Your 7v7 Football Drip With Battle Sports

Game recognizes game — and there's no doubt the Battle name is recognized in the exciting world of 7v7 football. The action on the field never stops, and teams are always looking for extra help dominating the competition. 

If you crave a mental edge, go for 7v7 football drip that's second to none — and only available with football equipment, accessories, and athletic apparel from Battle. Dominating while looking cool (and feeling fresh) will make the biggest wins feel even sweeter.