Youth Flag Football Gear & Equipment You Need To Succeed


Flag football is hitting its stride. Attracting millions of athletes (and more each day) plus earning a deserved spot in the 2028 Olympics, this sport has it all: fierce competition, camaraderie, and the simple joy of the grind. Add limited injuries and you have the makings of the perfect sport. 

There are also definite financial perks to flag football, which allows people from all walks of life to hit the field. Still, the right equipment can amp up any game. Younger players, in particular, want to gear up in style.

This is where Battle equipment comes into play. Offering styles that allow players of all ages and levels to express themselves, Battle offers the best youth flag football equipment: high-performance youth flag football gloves, unique football mouthguards, and so much more. Keep reading to get the lowdown on all the gear needed to dominate on the flag football field.

Show The Glove Some Love

There's no better way to show the opposing team what's up than with a flashy pair of football gloves. Top styles offered by Battle deliver maximum drip and swagger. Favorites include the Money Man 2.0, Graffiti, and Beware of Dog football gloves.

Nothing beats a color-coordinated football glove and uniform match. Fortunately, Battle provides plenty of color options for youth flag football gloves. Regardless of the style, all Battle football gloves have one thing in common: elite grip performance thanks to the PerfectFit material and Ultra-Stick palm.

Flashy & Fully Protective Flag Football Mouthguards

While flag football is definitely safer than tackle, there are still plenty of ways for players to get hurt on the field. Parents are well aware of this and will want their young athletes to gear up with today's best protective equipment options.

Football mouthguards are a must for players who want to stay in the game while keeping their grills in great shape. Youthful exuberance will make any player a shoo-in for the Binky youth mouthguards — a throwback to the days of literally chilling in the crib. These one-size-fits-most accessories allow for maximum comfort and breathability. Better yet, they don't require any boiling or fitting.

In need of an exact fit? Check out the Ultra-Slim Grillz mouthguard, which in addition to offering a phenomenally flashy style, can be remolded to ensure the best feel. As with receiver gloves, a swaggy mouthguard gives players a great chance to show off their personalities, but there's no sacrificing safety for style: both are easy to achieve.

Sidestep Field Burns with Arm Sleeves & Turf Tape

It's not nearly as dangerous as tackle, but flag football can sometimes get heated. Competitive players go all-out to make each tackle, pick off passes, or juke defenders into the shadow realm.

Eventually, every player is going to hit the ground — and when they do, they should be protected with turf tape or sleeves that will prevent burns, blisters, and other scrapes. Sleeves keep arms protected, of course, but some styles even boost performance.

The Ultra-Stick Full Arm Sleeves have the same sticky material found in Battle's gloves but placed on the inside of the sleeves. It's perfect for ball-carriers who don't want to lose the rock when running. For players who operate with reckless abandon? The Elbow and Forearm Padded Arm Sleeve provides much-needed armor against the competition.

With so many games now played on artificial turf, it's important to be prepared. Players should grab a few rolls of turf tape to keep in their equipment bags at all times. This simple step provided maximum protection from the turf monster. It goes without saying, but no equipment manager, player, or parent should be without a couple of rolls of turf tape.

Score the Best Youth Flag Football Gear From Battle

Flag football isn't just a game — it's an outlet for expression. After all, what's more fun than Moss'ing an opponent, outrunning the coverage, or making a game-sealing interception? Why not level up your performance and player personality with fresh youth football gear from Battle Sports? 

Without pads, athletes are free to change up their looks more often. This is great news for modern athletes who want to keep their 'fit fresh. It's even better news for parents who want to keep their athletes safe. Pairing reliable safety with ultra-modern styles, score the best youth flag football equipment (and drip) in the game at Battle Sports.