Essential Spring Football Practice Equipment

Football player wearing red Battle football gloves and holding his helmet

Spring is in the air and it's time to show up and show out for a brand-new football season. This is your chance for a fresh start, so it’s time to start balling so your game can bloom.

Whether you love the grind or treat it as a necessary evil, it's important to get geared up with the best spring football practice equipment. You want to feel confident in your game and your gear, so look for essentials that have been gridiron-tested by players all across the country.

Perhaps you're an experienced athlete on the hunt for a fresh fit — or maybe you're new to the game and in need of a little guidance. Either way, you can bring fresh football apparel to the field along with a major confidence boost.

And what if this is your first year of spring practice and you’re wondering what equipment is used? Essentials include gloves, mouthguards, turf tape, headgear, and more. To step into spring the right way, check out the best football gear in the game, courtesy of Battle.

Fresh Football Gloves

From receivers to defensive backs to a growing number of quarterbacks, football gloves are a staple of almost every player's gear lineup these days. Battle’s ultra-sticky football gloves are functional, of course, but with bold, player-preferred styles, they’re also one of the best ways to show off some personality and style on the field.

Wide receiver wearing blue Battle Money Man 2.0 receiver gloves

Ready to make a statement? The Money Man 2.0 Receiver Gloves will let everyone know that you plan on making bank when you touch the ball. Available in several flashy colors, these are sure to attract attention from ball-hungry opponents trying to keep you out of the end zone.

For a more sleek and modest look, check out the Triple Threat Receiver Gloves. These reliable, yet still stylish gloves boast a player-preferred sticky-grip feel that will deliver superior catching performance.

Keep Your Guard Up with Unique Mouthguards

Mouthguards serve a vital purpose: they help players stay safe so they can talk trash with a full set of teeth. That's only the beginning. Just like gloves, mouthguards can act as a colorful form of expression on the field.

Football player posing with blue and pink binky style football mouthguard

When in doubt, gear up with Battle's Spinner Oxygen Football Mouthguard. It's comfortable to wear and also pays homage to the spinner rims that were all over the streets back in the day. The faster the player, the more revolutions per minute the Spinner goes, making it a top choice for speed demons.

Players with ice water in their veins should definitely consider the Binky Diamond Oxygen Football Mouthguard — a blinged-out mouthguard that's dripping with its own ice. 

Win the Arms Race with Turf Tape & Sleeves

Spring football can get heated, so it's only a matter of time before even the best players hit the turf hard. Stay safe and prevent those nasty turf burns with a roll of Battle Turf Tape. Easy to cut and apply, this can prevent the cuts, burns, and blisters that come from repeated visits to the ground.

Maryland football player showing black Battle turf tape on the back of his forearms

Not ready to settle for tape? Battle's got the perfect solution: the Ultra-Stick Full Arm Sleeve. Not only does it offer fantastic protection, but the sticky material also helps provide extra grip for holding onto the ball. Even with the cool spring temperatures, it's easy to work up a sweat out on the field, but the Ultra-Stick Full Arm Sleeve will help prevent the ball from slipping out of your grasp in the heat of the action.

Athletic Backpacks to Keep Your Equipment & Swag in the Bag

The gear highlighted above should fit perfectly into Battle's Vault Athletic Backpack. This provides the perfect solution to an all-too-common problem: showing up for practice, only to dig through a too-small backpack and discover that your crucial gear is missing. 

Two football players walking side by side wearing Battle Vault athletic backpacks

They can’t fit shoulder pads and helmets, but, the Vault backpack is certainly big enough and durable enough to hold most other spring practice essentials and keep them locked in. It's also versatile enough to be used as a school or work bag.  And, of course, it's dripping with the classic style athletes have come to expect from Battle.

Lightweight Head Ties to Keep a Cool Head

Breaking a sweat comes with the territory, but that doesn't mean you need to constantly wipe your brow or reach for a towel. Battle's Lightweight Mesh Football Skull Wrap can not only keep the sweat out of your eyes, but out of your hair as well. Skull wraps are a must-have these days, and this breathable option is small enough to fit under your helmet once game day arrives.

Football wearing Lightweight Mesh Football Skull Wrap for spring practice

If you're rocking too much hair to keep under a skull wrap, grab the Battle Head Tie to keep the sweat out of your eyes. This head tie delivers a classic headband look that's available in enough colors to match any fit.

Supercharge Your Spring Practice Style & Performance With Battle Sports

Armed with the right spring football equipment, you'll be ready for any challenge out on the gridiron. Pairing top-tier safety and performance features with styles preferred by modern ballers, look to Battle for the best football equipment for the spring season.