How to Properly Apply Turf Tape

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Turf tape for football has been around for a long time, but it was popularized a few years ago by New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara. Battle Turf Tape will protect a player's skin while playing on artificial turf, and it's also a way for players to show a little personal style. Let's take a closer look at what turf tape is for, why it's important for certain playing positions to wear it, and how to properly apply turf tape.

Why You Should Wear Battle Turf Tape

There's a good chance that certain player positions are going to hit the ground a lot during a game. When the playing surface is artificial turf, this can be especially painful. The turf beads can cause "turf burns," bruises, or scrapes. You can even end up missing some skin. Turf burn can lead to blisters and calluses, and if untreated, a severe burn can lead to a nasty skin infection.

That's where Battle Turf Tape comes in. This flexible adhesive tape can be used to cover areas of skin that are most likely to make contact with the turf, such as the backs of the arms.

Who Can Benefit from Applying Turf Tape

Offensive skills players like wide receivers and running backs are going to get the most use out of turf tape. Picture a wide receiver diving for a catch and then scraping their arms on the turf, and you get the idea. Linebackers and defensive backs are also likely to hit the turf multiple times during a game, so turf tape can also help them. 

The truth is that any player on the field runs a chance of hitting the ground and suffering a turf burn. Turf tape weighs next to nothing, and it's flexible, so it's not going to impact your performance in any way.

Battle Turf Tape comes in 10-yard rolls. A single roll should last you through several practices and games. 

How to Apply Turf Tape in 3 Quick Steps

There's one step you should take before you apply turf tape. If you have hairy arms, you'll probably want to shave them. The adhesive on turf tape is very sticky, and it's more difficult and painful to take off if you're pulling hair out of your arms. You're going to lose that hair anyway when the tape comes off, so you might as well lose it the painless way.

Applying turf tape is simple enough that you can do it by yourself, although it's easier if you and a buddy tape each other's arms. Measure out a length of turf tape that will reach from the back of the triceps to the back of the wrist and cut it.

Peel off the application tape that covers the adhesive. Then, apply the sticky side of the Battle Turf Tape to the back of your arm. Smooth it out, so there are no bumps or bubbles under the tape. It should be a really tight and seamless fit with the back of the arm. Bend your elbows and flex your arms once or twice to make sure it's on properly.

That's it!

Battle turf tape for football and other field sports

One Last Thing... Taking Turf Tape Off

The adhesive on turf tape is really sticky, so it's hard to take off when you've been out sweating on the field for a few hours. Ripping it off as quickly as possible is one way to take it off, but it kind of defeats the purpose of protecting your skin.

A better option is to wear the turf tape in the shower. Rub it with some hot, soapy water or hair conditioner. That will loosen up the adhesive. Baby oil works very well too. Slather one of these products on the turf tape and let it sit there for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the tape starts to loosen, roll it off -- don't pull!

Protect Your Skin From Scrapes & Burns with Battle Turf Tape

Applying turf tape is easy, and you'll know it paid for itself the first time you hit the ground in a game. Our Battle Turf Tape for football comes in three colors (black, white, and pink) so it will match any uniform. Once you experience the protective benefits of Battle Turf Tape on an artificial field, you'll never want to play without it again.