Mouthguard Style Trends for Modern Athletes

Double mouthguard trend for football players

The mouthguard is moving up in the world. What used to be an athletic afterthought now feels downright exciting. Equipped with mouthguards designed for modern athletes, players can easily show off their style and personality as they take the field—and protect their mouths in the process. 

Better yet: there are plenty of colors and designs, so football players and other athletes alike can change up their mouthguard style every week to keep things fresh. Safety also matters and, no matter the current mouthguard trends, the main goal is always to keep mouths safe and that grill looking tight. 

Battle Sports stocks a player-approved selection of modern mouthguards designed to keep athletes safe — but that's only the beginning. These bold mouthguard styles also let athletes show the world what their game is all about.

Ready to level up your mouthguard collection? Keep reading to learn more about Battle's most popular mouthguards for every kind of game: football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, and more. These are perfect for anyone who craves maximum swag that doesn’t sacrifice safety.

Get Down with the Double Mouthguard Trend

The double mouthguard trend is dominating right now, and for good reason: with so many drippy mouthguard styles available, sticking with a single style can be tough.

High school football player wearing a yellow Battle Connected Strap Speed mouthguard

If you get in on this trend, you can show out like George Pickens, who is often seen rocking two mouthguards. Athletes in other sports can follow suit, as it’s easy to attach these connected strap mouthguards to hockey and lacrosse cages.

Bringing a fresh feel to a classic look that's been getting it done for decades, Battle's Speed Football Mouthguard With Connected Thick Strap is available in loads of different colors and styles for maximum expression. This is your best bet for gearing up with double mouthguards.

While there are plenty of flashy colors, strengthening your mouthguard swagger might mean gearing up with the Beware of Dog or Predator mouthguard. You'll have no trouble letting the competition know that you mean business. 

Score a Fresh Look With Blinged-Out Binky Mouthguards

There's nothing wrong with bringing a youthful spirit to the game—or juking defenders down to the ground for a nap. Why not take this up a notch with the Binky Oxygen Football Mouth Guard? This brings it back to the days of the four-point stance.

Football player wearing a Battle Binky Diamond Football Mouthguard

Mouthguard style trends come and go — and right now the Binky is the freshest look on the field. Boasting an eye-catching, oversized ring, there's no mistaking the Binky for anything else.

Battle offers a variety of blinged-out Binky mouthguard designs, along with a few old-school color combinations that will effortlessly stand out on the field.

Ultra-Slim Grillz Mouthguards For Flashy Personalities

Few modern mouthguard styles can measure up to the Grillz look. Making the most of Battle's ultra-slim design, this flashy mouthguard can make any athlete look iced out as their play shines on the field.

Football player wearing a silver Battle Ultra-Slim Grillz Mouthguard

This gleaming mouthguard is small enough for quarterbacks and point guards — or anyone else who has the personality to match. Whether calling a play or talking some trash, the Ultra-Slim Grillz Mouth Guard makes it possible. 

Prefer something a bit more low-key? The standard Ultra-Slim Mouth Guard might be a better fit. Available in black, blue, white, or red, this style delivers the same sleek and secure fit as the Grillz edition.

A Fresh Feel for Throwback Styles: Spinner Oxygen Mouthguards

One of the most popular mouthguards with athletes on the gridiron, the Spinner Oxygen Football Mouthguard features a design best described as iconic. What better way for players to flex on the competition?

Football player wearing a white Battle Spinner Oxygen Football Mouthguard

What started in the 2000s with Latrell Sprewell's swagged-out Spinner shoes has now evolved into a spinning mouthguard that's continuing the revolution.

Other Spinner Oxygen mouthguard designs include the trippy Kaleidoscope, old-school Padlock, and the Money Spinner mouthguard — perfect for players looking to make bank out on the field.

There's even a memorable version of the Oxygen that comes with the same thick, adjustable strap as the Speed mouth guard. This is a must if you struggle to keep track of your mouthguard: with a strap at the ready, you’ll always be fully equipped. 

Unlock the Latest Mouthguard Trends with Battle Sports

There's no denying that Battle makes some of the fiercest and freshest mouthguards in the game. These mouthguards protect athletes from punishment and deliver maximum customization and creativity.

The goal? To help any player on the field stay safe while also looking like the GOAT. Ready to take your game (and your grill) to the next level? Trust that Battle Sports is the ultimate source for modern mouthguard styles