The Best Men’s Athletic Hoodies for Modern Athletes


Every athlete has that hoodie they’ll wear until it unravels. Take a look at your own closet. Do you see a sweatshirt that's down to its threads? Ready for an upgrade? We've got you covered.

Think about why you opt for hoodies in the first place. Maybe the fit is fresh or the comfort is king. Maybe it's more comfortable than anything else you own. Either way, your favorite athletic hoodie says a lot about you.

From a style standpoint, it’s important to let everyone know where you stand. Fortunately, that’s never difficult when you deck out your wardrobe with Battle's athletic apparel

From heavyweight hoodies (for maximum warmth) to sleeveless hoodies that show off your gains from the gym, Battle has the drip and fits you want, both on and off the field.

Check out some of the best men's athletic hoodies from Battle — and decide which fit is right for you.

Best Cold Weather Athletic Hoodies

When the temps drop, you've got to step up your game — both athletically and with the ultimate drip. Nobody wants to be cold, especially while training in the elements.

You're in luck: Battle’s Hitch Midweight Performance Hoodie strikes the perfect balance between warmth and performance, so you can excel with a hoodie that won’t weigh you down.

Battle Hitch men's athletic performance hoodie

Need to turn up the heat even more? For frosty weather, gear up with the ATHLETE Premium Heavyweight Football hoodie. This is great for intense training sessions or pickup games in the cold, but warm enough to rock on the sidelines or in the stands during a game. 

Breathable Athletic Hoodies That Keep You From Baking in the Heat

When the game—and weather— heat up, you don't always have to shed layers. Battle has a great selection of breathable mens athletic hoodies that prioritize comfort and performance by keeping you cool when things get heated.

The Sleeveless Light Action Hoodie has long been a favorite with athletes across sports, and for good reason. This go-to look allows athletes to show off their muscles and strength while still rocking a hoodie.

Need something just a bit warmer, but just as breathable? Take it to the next level with the Sleeveless Action Hoodie. It looks just like the Light Action but adds a warmer material to the mix.

Battle sleeveless Action Hoodie

When sleeveless gear won’t cut it, switch to one of Battle’s other lightweight options. The Action Hoodie allows for maximum mobility but is lightweight enough to keep from slowing your movement down on the field.

We also have a few face mask varieties to check out if you're digging the latest look. For example: our Light Action Facemask Hoodie is available with or without sleeves. Either way, this option adds an extra layer of style to your game.

 Men’s Athletic Hoodies That Make a Statement

Let the world know what you’re all about by rocking a hoodie that’s got something to say. The I’m Him Hoodie design is a vibe and it’s available as an ultra-soft sweatshirt that will eliminate any confusion.

I'm Hoodie hoodie for athletes

Want to keep it more low-key without diminishing your athlete identity? The ATHLETE Premium Heavyweight Football Hoodie still speaks volumes about how seriously you take your athlete identity. Remember: sports aren’t just a hobby — they’re a way of life. There’s no better way to make this known than with a hoodie that says it all.

At Battle, we know that ball is life. To make that abundantly clear, we offer men's athletic hoodies that get the message across. The Football Over Everything Hoodie will let everyone know where your gridiron loyalties lie.

 Also peep the Football Made Me Premium Heavyweight Hoodie, which reps the sport and its impact.

Football Made Me Premium Heavyweight Hoodie

 Level Up Your Hoodie Collection with Battle

It doesn’t matter if you’re grinding out training sessions, running passing drills, or hanging out with your crew — Battle has a men’s hoodie that’s perfect for you. Pick out your favorites and see how fresh your fit can look when you go to Battle.