Battle Fly 5: The Best Men’s Athletic Shorts for Spring


You're on the hunt for drip you can wear on the field or court and off, but you're still coming up short. You've learned the hard way: finding the best men’s athletic shorts isn't as easy as it sounds. 

The bar is high: your shorts need to be cool, but they also need to keep you warm during the spring and throughout the year. A solid fit is a must, and that means looking good year-round.

What's more, your trusted shorts need to hold up to the abuse and demands of elite athletics.  After all, you'll be pushing your body to the limit during intense training sessions.

Good news: Battle Sports has got it on lock, with some of the best men’s athletic shorts available. When in doubt, try the Battle Fly 5 Shorts

What's in a name? Keep reading to find out. You'll discover five reasons why the Fly 5 should be any athlete's go-to pair of shorts.

1. An Optimal On-Trend Fit

Athlete wearing black Battle Fly 5 shorts around town

There was a time — not long ago — when shorts hung right at the knee, with icons like Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant setting the style standard. Today, things are a bit different; shorter short styles have definitely made a comeback.

Battle Fly 5 Men’s Shorts Sizing Chart

Battle Fly 5 shorts size chart

Don't get it twisted: these aren't "short shorts” like the players in the 1960s rocked — but the look has certainly trended in that direction. The Fly 5 keeps your look up to date, with a fit that's perfectly in style. 

A comfortable fit is also a must, and with easy-to-understand sizing, getting the right shorts should be a cinch. Durable drawstrings take this to the next level to provide a precise fit that you can count on whenever and wherever you wear these shorts.

2. Versatility for Training & Around Town Wear Alike

When you think of gym clothes, what comes to mind? You probably picture people rocking those familiar all-gray sweats and white sneakers. Not a look you'd want to sport out on the town, right?

Athlete wearing white Battle Fly 5 men's athletic shorts

Good thing there's an alternative. Battle's Fly 5 Shorts feature a compression layer that's perfect for hard-fought conditioning workouts and off-season training programs. Meanwhile, the outer layer sports enough style to make the Fly 5 live up to its name.

3. Pocket Dependability

Your athletic drip needs to be dependable. This high standard applies to your shorts. This is especially important if you've ever lost your keys, wallet, or earbuds, simply because your shorts had shallow or shoddy pockets. We’ve all been there.

A great alternative to prevent short pocket fumbles? The reliable pockets on the Fly 5. These men’s training shorts feature a hidden zip pocket. Discreetly located on the right side, this pocket can hold small objects like a card wallet or earbuds.

The result? Peace of mind. This helps you make the most of the Fly 5 away from the field or court. No matter where you show off this drippy style, you'll never worry about leaving valuables behind.

4. Peak Performance

As things heat up, the sunlight can quickly go from a welcome sign of spring to a source of extra sweat. In late spring, a warmer-than-average day can make hard-working athletes damper than expected. Dress accordingly with shorts that can handle multiple types of weather with ease.

Male wearing mint green Battle Fly 5 men's shorts with streetwear style

Moisture wicking is a must, and the Fly 5 delivers. Athletes rocking these shorts won't be weighed down by the water left in their wake. Making the most of lightweight BattleFiber material, the Fly 5 design will keep every athlete feeling — and looking — cool. That cool feeling will translate to peak performance in any spring conditions.

5. Shorts that are Always In Season

Battle boasts the best men’s athletic shorts for spring, with the Fly 5 style hitting the top of the list. As the seasons change, so does the fit — and this look is perfect for rocking in cooler weather as well.

The most popular men’s compression shorts provide a layer of warmth for the chilly first month or two of spring. This is a big deal with the Fly 5—a compression layer that extends just below the outer layer. Of course, the Fly 5 also puts in work in late spring with their enhanced breathability, so there's no need to swap these trusty shorts out when things heat up.

Let Your Spring Style & Training Take Flight with the Fly 5 Shorts

With so many different options to choose from in the wide world of men's training shorts, there's one fit that truly stands out: the Fly 5 shorts. From grueling training sessions to chill days hanging out with the crew, it's clear that the Fly 5 will set your training and modern athletic style up for success.