Modern & Mighty Comfortable: Meet The Athlete Hoodie By Battle Sports


There’s more to being an elite athlete than just putting up numbers on the field. What you do away from the game says almost as much about your hustle as any touchdown.

Letting the world know where you stand has never been easier, whether it’s in the huddle, on the sideline, in the game, or off the field. The right drip can make all the difference.

Ready to play up your athletic side? No matter the environment, you can let everyone know that you're all about the game. Step out in Battle’s premium ATHLETE Premium Heavyweight Football Hoodie and make a statement that speaks louder than words.

You'll never regret leveling up your wardrobe with the best hoodie for athletes. Peep this sweatshirt and discover why it's such a hit on the field and off. 

Who Do Players Love the Battle ATHLETE Hoodie?

We all know ball is life. And no brand captures that spirit like Battle — especially the show-stopping ATHLETE hoodie. Double fleece-lined with fast-drying fabric, this sweatshirt is perfect for drills in crisp and cold weather.

The ATHLETE's heavyweight material will keep you warm and dry, but without weighing you down. In other words, get ready for peak performance, no matter the weather.

When you need to step your game up, your best bet is to hit the field wearing this premium, player-approved hoodie for modern athletes. Look no further than Battle to help you keep it tight with every touchdown—and strut down the school hallways.

With Battle's ATHLETE Heavyweight Hoodie, you score a warm hoodie that will let you focus on the game, instead of the elements.

Equally Fresh On and Off the Field

Not just any hoodie works as streetwear. You need a style that's athletic enough for the field but guaranteed to make an impression wherever you go.

Good news: while the ATHLETE hoodie more than earns its name with great performance, it’s got enough drip to wear any day or night of the week.

This hoodie is available in many colors, so you can match it with your team's gear or even your favorite shoes. There's no limit to the amount of original style you can display, especially if you pair this hoodie with even more Battle gear for a fresh fit.

Plenty of Clean-Looking Athletic Apparel Combos

Not sure how to play up the ATHLETE look? We've got you covered with athletic options that are easy to pull off. Stick with Battle's top styles and you can't go wrong.

When in doubt, add a pair of Light Action Cargo Joggers to keep your legs as warm as your upper half. This combo will keep you vibing on and off the field.

Two male athletes pairing their Battle Athlete hoodies with Battle athletic joggers and sweatpants

Another clean combo? The ATHLETE hoodie with the Superfly Joggers. And as things heat up, grab some Battle Fly 5 shorts to pair with your favorite ATHLETE hoodie. Like our favorite athlete hoodie, these shorts are all about peak performance, noticeable style, and breathable comfort. 

Joggers, matter how you play up your sweatshirt, you'll never doubt that Battle makes the best hoodie for athletes. Head-to-toe Battle drip is always the way to go, but you can also raid your own wardrobe to create a matching look that's uniquely you.

Make Your Own Statement With the ATHLETE Hoodie

Amp up your gear with a popular hoodie for athletes that bridges the gap from the field to everyday life. A lot goes into looking fresh, so you need an all-around hoodie that gets the job done.

male athlete wearing a black ATHLETE hoodie by Battle Sports

Sometimes, it's not enough to look the part or even be the part. Sometimes, you need your clothes to do the talking. The ATHLETE hoodie makes it clear that you're all about that athlete life — one that's lived 24/7.

With a sweatshirt as comfortable as this one, there's no need to sacrifice your practical side for the sake of athletic drip. Get ready to show off your favorite hoodie day and night.

Score the best drip with Battle’s ATHLETE Premium Heavyweight Football Hoodie — check it out and add one to your collection today.