Best Cold Weather Football Gear to Be Ferocious in the Frost


Football players are crafted in the heat of the summer, when two-a-day practices and shorts and shells let athletes show coaches and teammates what they've got.

As the seasons change, the competition only gets hotter. Nobody wants to drop as soon as the temperature drops. Still, snow and cold will stop a hardcore athlete from showing up with some serious drip.

It's time to level up your winter swag, both on and off the field. Check out the best cold-weather football gear from Battle. Don't worry; it's been tested on the gridiron for maximum comfort and performance in extreme weather.

Sheisty Performance Mask

Battle Shiesty performance mask for cold weather

Don't get it twisted: while it may have Sheisty in the name, this hood is anything but unreliable. With 18 different colors to choose from, there's an option for any player and any team colors. The style is hot, and anyone under the mask will be burning up and down the field while staying warm at the same time.

Remember: making a statement on the field means more than just balling out — players also need to look the part, and there's no better way to do it than with the Sheisty Performance Mask.


Battle Full Mask 2.0

Battle full mask 2.0 for cold weather training and practice

When the snow starts flying and the temperature drops, it's time to peep the best football gear for cold weather: a balaclava football mask. Look to the Battle Full Mask 2.0 for maximum warmth and maximum drip.

This trusty mask should do the trick with or without a helmet. Check out seven amazing colors, plus precision-cut eye and mouth holes. These make it easy to see the field and, more importantly, talk trash after making a big play.


Bomb Pullover Jacket

bomb pullover jacket for athletes

Looking good on the field is important, but the game off the field needs to be played as well. This means staying warm and dry around town.

The Bomb pullover jacket will let a player play in style and comfort. It slaps hard with a drippy style that can be rocked year-round. Keep phones and wallets safe inside pockets and take a moment to relax before hitting the field.


Full Compression Football Tights

Full compression athletic tights for cold weather

Everyone knows speed kills on the football field. This means keeping your legs warm and dry so you can pile up a body count. Full-length compression tights make it easy to do this year-round — but they do their best work in the cold, when they can wick away sweat and keep you dry.

Training in the elements should prepare any player for the absolute worst from Mother Nature. Combine Battle's Full Compression Tights with our drippiest training shorts or athletic pants for an unbeatable combination of comfort, performance, and style.


Dynamic Joggers 3.0

Dynamic jogger pants for athletes in cold weather

Look fly while running a fly route with the Dynamic Joggers 3.0. These are perfect for practice, pickup games, or patrolling the sidelines. Available in five colors — and with zip pockets on both sides — they are practical enough to wear away from the field. Better yet, they're warm enough to be a must-have piece of football gear for winter.


Beware of Dog Doom 1.0 Receiver Gloves

Beware of dog football receiver gloves

Gloves are great all season, but they come in especially handy during those blustery and breezy days when the ball feels like a rock on every reception. Rock these Beware of Dog Doom 1.0 Receiver Gloves to let everyone know you’ve got that dog in you. These gloves also provide much-needed protection from all that wind, rain, and snow.

Score the Best Winter Football Gear

Cold weather shouldn't stand in the way of football swag or keep athletes from keeping comfortable on the field. Don't miss this chance to perform like a GOAT. Armed with Battle's best football training gear for winter, you'll look good, play good, and feel good as you dominate both the competition and the elements.