7 Benefits of Compression Pants for Football Players


As an athlete, you may find yourself getting injured or feeling fatigued after daily workouts and competing in games. What if we told you there is a way to reduce the risk of injury, muscle soreness, and improve your overall athletic performance?

Battle Sports offers compression pants for football, compression tights, and more compression gear for football players and athletes that can do all of these things and can be easily worn under all athletic apparel. 

Here are some benefits of compression pants for football players:

1. Improved Athletic Performance

football compression pants

Football players and athletes in general are always looking to improve their performance on and off the field. Whether its increasing speed, strength, or flexibility, Battle Sports compression gear will help you play better. Compression gear is made with four-way stretch material and durable performance compression that will help improve your balance, stability, flexibility, and mobility, all of which will positively affect your athletic performance.

2. Reduced Muscle Soreness

We know our athletes are always going 100% in every game and every practice. It’s totally normal to experience muscle soreness after getting hit hard and working out your muscles. To reduce pain that you may feel the next day, Battle Sports compression pants are made with materials that put pressure on your muscles that minimize delayed onset muscle soreness.

3. Minimizes the Risk of Injury

Along with our compression tights, we offer padded compression shorts and padded compression tops. These compression football apparel items will lower your chances of getting injured. While there are many ways you can get hurt on the field, we wanted to offer our athletes football gear that reduces these risks. When you wear our padded compression gear, their snug fit helps improve your blood circulation. When improving blood circulation, your muscles will experience less fatigue, leading to less injuries. Plus, with our padded compression pants you will add an extra layer of protection.

4. Improved Posture

Compression gear can also help with your posture. The snug fit helps increase proprioception (awareness of the body in space), which improves posture and movement. While posture doesn’t seem very important, good posture can make all the difference in your performance. Posture is important for all athletes and will increase strength by improving your muscular and skeletal balance. For football players, this means athletes need good posture when running, jumping, diving, tumbling and tackling.

5. Comfort

3/4 football compression tights

With their sweat-wicking and four-way stretch, Battle Sports compression gear offers maximum flexibility and comfort for athletes. Without compression pants, you may experience chafing and more friction on your skin. You can prevent this by putting a pair of compression tights under your uniform or under any football apparel for training which will help your overall performance. The tight fit also applies pressure to your muscles for extra support.

6. Cut Back on Muscle Fatigue

When you wear compression shorts or compression pants, they help to reduce muscle fatigue, allowing you to perform better for a longer period of time. Ever feel fatigue in your legs mid game or the next day after a hard training session? Without compression tights, you are stopping yourself from reaching your full potential. Train hard, play hard without feeling tired.

7. Help with Recovery

Battle Sports compression gear can reduce inflammation that comes from high intensity workouts and 4 quarters of football by moving toxins out of the muscle tissue. This will then help your muscles to heal faster so you can get back on the field in no time. 

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