4 Benefits of Compression Apparel for Athletes


Contrary to popular belief, compression apparel is for more than looks. We see athletes of all levels wearing various compression apparel all the time, but do you ever stop to think about why they are really wearing it?

There are numerous benefits to wearing compression apparel that you may not have been aware of. Here are some of the most prominent benefits that you should be aware of before taking the field again.

1. Reducing Soreness

One of the most prominent reasons to wear compression football girdles, compression shorts

and compression tops, is to help with soreness. Research has been done that shows compression gear to be quite effective at reducing, and even eliminating, fatigue and muscle soreness.

Even better, the effect is not merely while wearing these garments, but also after your time on the field has ended. Compression apparel allows athletes to perform at their peak for longer without feeling the wear and tear.

For athletes, recovery is just as important as the performance on the field. With compression garments, recovery time can be cut down thanks to a delay or even prevention of muscle soreness.


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2. Improved Flexibility

There is no denying that compression clothing is among the most flexible out there, which comes in handy considering all the various movements that are part of athletic competition. Stretching, extending, lifting, etc, are all needed in the heat of performance.

By wearing compression gear, such as compression shirts and compression shorts, you support your body through those various movements. Unlike other types of clothing, compression apparel will do nothing to hold you back. Even if you enjoy the loose, baggy feel of loose clothing during your performances, they can be dangerous.

Wearing loose clothing can get tight and even snag, causing restriction during tight motions. That can cause restriction of circulation and even cause motions to be stunted or stopped,  leading to injury. Compression clothing remains tight to the body at all times, allowing for the utmost in performance every step of the way.



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3. Staying Dry

During any athletic performance, sweat is going to happen. There is also the matter of water, typically trying to grab a quick drink, getting all over your gear. Before long, you will be noticeably wet, which can play a role in your overall performance on the field, court, or ice.

Compression gear is oftentimes made of nylon or polyester materials. These kinds of materials offer natural drying capabilities, making it far easier to remain dry during even the most heated of athletic competition.

It is not necessarily that they repel water, they lift water up through the fabric, bringing both sweat and moisture to the surface of that piece of clothing. When it reaches the surface, it can then be properly evaporated away.

Being wet can make for an uncomfortable experience. Though it may not necessarily restrict movement, it can cause other issues. Enough sweat, causing friction throughout the event, can lead to redness and even rashes. Those can lead to great discomfort throughout the performance, causing interruption or even disruption along the way. Both of which are less than optimal for sporting events. 

4. Greater Comfort

Ignoring everything else, there are a few things that strike at the heart of performance. One of the most important things is confidence. Right behind that is comfort. The simple fact of the matter is that when you feel comfortable, you are able to perform your best.

Compression apparel is comfortable to wear. Though some may complain of it feeling a bit tight, it is something that becomes second nature before long. The more comfortable you are, the better you play when it matters.

By hanging so closely to the skin, it leaves little room for restriction. It conforms to your body so that you can move as freely as possible during sports activities and exercise. Even if it feels a little “tight” initially, it is supporting the body throughout the performance.

Most importantly, there is far less friction. Wearing loose or baggy clothing can cause friction across your body which can eventually become a distraction at best and something much worse. The last thing any athlete wants is to think about how their clothing feels when their mind is supposed to be in the heart of the competition. Compression gear allows for focus to be put where it matters most.



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Don’t just wear compression apparel on the court, field, or ice because it looks good. Think about your greater performance and the various ways in which you can improve it. Compression gear can play a role in that performance.

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