5 Reasons Why Football Players Wear Arm Sleeves or Leg Sleeves

football player with full arm sleeves

The equipment that players wear on the field can vary exponentially. While some things like football sleeves might seem innocuous, they actually do serve a greater purpose. Compression gear, in general, can wind up being beneficial.

Read on to find out more about football compression gear, including compression sleeves for arms, to see what benefits they can have. When all is said and done, you will have the performance gear needed to be at your best on the field.

Reduce the chance of injury

Football is a dangerous game, it goes without saying. What you may not realize is that having the right arm sleeves or a leg sleeve can actually help insulate your body against potential injury over the course of a game or season.

There are a few reasons for this. For starters, having the right compression sleeves for arms can promote better blood flow. With more oxygen getting into your bloodstream, you can increase your body’s ability to protect itself and hold up against potential injury.

There is also the matter of muscle stability. Football compression gear helps to keep your muscles stable, which can seriously protect against injury. Though it looks like compression sleeves are merely an aesthetic choice, there is a lot more happening than meets the eye.

Provide sun protection

Direct exposure to sunlight provides essential vitamins and nutrients to the body that are difficult to replicate. There is also nothing quite like getting out onto the field when the sun is shining overhead.

That said, it can also provide the uncomfortable feeling of sunburn if you stay out there too long or if you don’t have the proper protection. It is not uncommon for football players to suffer sunburn on their arms and legs on the hottest of afternoon and evening games.

By wearing football sleeves, you can give yourself protection from the dangers of UV rays. Performance gear can keep your skin protected while you get the job done on the field, allowing you to keep your focus on the play happening rather than the UV rays.

Of all the benefits of a performance football leg sleeve, the most underrated is the protection it offers to the skin. Whether you invest in compression sleeves for arms, a compression leg sleeve, or both, you can keep your skin safe from all of the burns that can happen on the field.

Aid recovery

One of the most important reasons to wear compression gear is to help your body recover. Some of the most reputable arm sleeve brands have advanced fabrics that lightly squeeze the muscles those sleeves are worn over.

Compression has been shown to help increase blood flow and stabilize arm muscles. Both of these prove beneficial to body recovery, particularly after minor injuries and rigorous activities. It all comes down to having the right fabric and fit to enhance the recovery benefits.

Getting a sleeve that fits just right can help keep your arms and legs feeling better even after the most grueling of games. Compression gear is about more than looking good, it is about promoting better blood flow so that your body can recover from the impacts of a football game.

Look good, play good

Don’t underestimate the value of looking good. While there is no scientific evidence to back the theory, players everywhere believe that they play better when they are confident in how they look. A performance football leg sleeve can look just as cool as any other piece of equipment.

Whether it be compression sleeves for arms, a leg sleeve, or a combination, you can have supreme confidence in how you look. Make sure that you inject confidence into your game by having the right football compression gear. It can make a far bigger impact than you may have ever realized.

Take away the burn

Playing a contact sport like football means suffering a lot of cuts, scrapes, and bruises. When you use arm sleeves or a leg sleeve, you can keep yourself protected from the burns that only come from rubbing against turf or artificial grass.

Compression sleeves for arms provide a layer of protection when you slide. Instead of having to deal with the sting of a nasty slide, you can hop up and get right into the next play. Compression gear definitely has other uses but football players will find out quickly that football sleeves can offer serious protection while on the field, too.

Wearing an arm compression sleeve over the elbow or forearm can become noticeable immediately. For skill position players and linebackers, in particular, you will notice a lot less stress and damage being done to your arms. Over the course of a full season, that kind of reduced wear and tear can really make a difference, especially on performance.