Best Socks for Football Players

football player at practice ready to throw the football

Though they can be something of an afterthought, socks can make a big difference for football players. Football socks can help with a variety of things that help contribute to the overall performance on the field. But how do you know whether you need football socks, athletic socks, or something else entirely?

Check out some of our guidelines below. Regardless of whether you want blue socks, purple socks, yellow socks, or pink socks for football, you will have all the information you could need. Read on to find out more about the best socks for athletes.

Strideline vs Premium Socks

If you think that all football socks are the same, think again. Let’s start with the difference between strideline socks versus premium socks. These aren’t your average white tube sock, these help ensure that your body is ready for peak performance.

You may hear terminology like “strideline” and “premium” when it comes to socks. The differences can be somewhat subtle. For instance, premium football socks are made from fine-gauge acrylic. They also have ribbed turnovers, midfoot ribbing, and ankle support to ensure a comfortable yet firm fit that will last.

Strideline socks offer a snug fit using shape-memory polymers. The goal, as it is with premium socks, is to provide better movement as well as ankle support. Your average sock is simply a foot and ankle covering while these two sock types offer additional support.

When you move past this portion of the selection, you need to know the different things that can make for the best athletic socks.

Padded Socks

Gaining popularity with each passing day, some of the best socks for athletes include padded socks. That padding can become crucial, especially in a high-contact sport like football. That padding can help with foot pain and even reduce potential swelling and provide protection from recurring contact in football.

A physical sport like football oftentimes sees unnoticeable plays result in injury. With heavy athletes falling around your legs and feet, having the best athletic socks can be crucial. Padded socks might be a bit more cumbersome but will pay off, particularly in a contact sport like football.

Moisture Wicking

There is nothing quite as gross as abundantly sweaty feet. When you are in the middle of an athletic competition, you need to make sure that your feet remain dry so that you can remain focused on the task at hand.

Moreover, your clothing should be as comfortable as possible while absorbing all of the sweat that you produce. Being dry can also help ensure that you retain hold of the ball or avoid those potentially costly turnovers.

The proper socks will provide breathability so that your feet remain dry throughout even the toughest of matchups. Not only will they stay dryer, but you can avoid potential blisters and rashes that come from the frequent friction.

Odor Control

It doesn’t need to be said, but any pair of sweaty feet is going to be one that no one wants to be around. After competing in a difficult athletic competition, the best football socks can help contain the odor created by sweat and friction.

There is nothing pleasant about the smell of feet and sweat. The wrong socks only accentuate that smell while the best football socks work to control the odor as well. These top-of-the-line athletics socks were created with rigorous athletes in mind.

Make sure that you avoid being the smelly one by getting a good pair of socks that control moisture and odor.


Running hard can create a lot of stress on your feet and ankles. If you are lucky, blisters, welts, and rashes will become the worst of the worst. If not, you could be staring down ankle and foot breaks or tendon tears.

Having the right football socks can play a crucial role. Even better, you can ensure that you have optimal comfort even if you have yellow socks, purple socks, blue socks, or pink football socks. You can be stylish while also achieving a better level of support and comfort.

Football players need to be focused on the play at hand. If they are thinking about how uncomfortable their football socks are, it takes away from their performance on the field.


You can’t have a piece of football equipment without having some style involved. Many players these days feel that they play better when they are confident in their appearance. Even with something like football socks, looks are crucial to the big picture.

You can choose from a huge array of colors and designs: purple socks, blue socks, yellow socks, and pink football socks are among the few. Whatever you choose, you can look good and feel good whenever you’re on the field.