Football Accessories Made to Improve Performance on the Field

man wearing battle football accessories

For every player, from the quarterback to the kicker, the focus is on performance. Every player is looking to be the very best they can be. A lot of that has to do with preparation, training, and focusing on the job at hand. But what you may not have realized is the importance of football accessories.

Having the right football gear is critical for performance on the field. From arm sleeves and leg sleeves to a visor and football headband, each accessory can provide real benefits. Here are just a few of the best football accessories that can help you deliver your best on the field.

Arm and Leg Sleeves

What began as a fashion accessory has since become an integral part of football apparel. Arm sleeves and leg sleeves are now almost as commonplace as gloves. That’s because they provide several benefits to players of all positions.

For starters, they offer protection. Arm sleeves or a leg sleeve provide protection against nasty turf burns. Players hit the ground all the time over the course of a game and any additional protection is a must.

There is also the matter of improving blood flow. An arm or leg sleeve keeps blood flowing, allowing oxygen to get where it needs to be. That improved oxygen flow can help you stay moving on plays late in the game when others are starting to slow down. On top of all that, arm and leg sleeves are fashionable, going along with any uniform.

Football Visor

A football visor is one of the coolest accessories you are going to find. They come in a huge array of tints and hues, allowing players to sync up with the rest of their outfit. But a football visor can play a much larger role in the grand scheme of things.

On those bright days, having a football visor can be invaluable. Keeping the glare of the sun out of your eyes can be a difference-maker. Being able to focus on the field without having to squint can make it possible to see the field clearly and make plays without hesitation. Think of the visor as the best combination of style and performance.


Headbands for football aren’t just about fashion. A football headband plays an essential role as the action on the field unfolds. Whether it be a scorching day or a little chilly, sweat will become part of the equation early and often. Keeping that sweat at bay becomes crucial.

Good headbands for football allow you to focus on the action at hand. A football headband will keep sweat from your head from getting down into your eyes. The last thing any player needs is to have sweat drip into their eyes during the middle of a big play. With a football headband, that won’t ever be a concern again.


One of the most common football accessories is a towel. The best towel can become the kind of thing that you turn to more often than any other type of accessory. Given how hot things can get, especially during summer football camps, a towel is critical to football apparel.

The best towel is both soft and durable. Tucking into the waistband of shorts or football pants, it is there to keep hands, faces, and foreheads dry. Sweat can play havoc in many ways if it is allowed to. Having the best towel on hand can keep you dry, prevent rash, and prevent sweat from stinging your eyes in the middle of a play.


How big of a deal can socks be? Regular people wear them all the time and they aren’t any better on the field for it. But football socks can make a difference that regular old socks cannot. Most football accessories are about keeping you safe, dry, and cool. That is exactly what football socks can offer.

Keeping feet cool and dry has its own benefits. Blisters can form if there is too much moisture in your shoes, for instance. Football socks can also reduce friction, leading to athlete’s foot, rash, and worse. Even better, they come in a plethora of styles and colors. And who knows, maybe rocking pink socks for football can turn you into a trendsetter.

Turf Tape

More and more players are beginning to wear turf tape and with good reason. To the uninitiated, it is just a strip of tape. But as most football players know, it can become essential for players that are involved in a lot of tackles throughout the course of the game.

Turf tape helps to prevent blisters and burns from forming. For linebackers, running backs, receivers, and defensive backs, having a little bit of turf tape can wind up being a difference-maker. Turf burn, in particular, can wind up being quite painful to contend with.