Battle’s Light Action Athlete Gear: Light Feel with Heavy Drip

Battle Light Action Sleeveless hoodie for athletes

For an elite athlete who wants to train wearing the absolute best, it doesn’t get any more pro than Battle Sports’s Light Action Football Gear. This is a line of lightweight football training apparel that looks as fresh as it feels. The last thing you want as a football player is to train in athletic wear that doesn’t go the distance. You want it all. Comfort. Style. Advanced fabrics. We offer state-of-the-art training apparel that will enhance every aspect of your performance. Battle has it in spades. Let’s explore how the full line of Battle’s Light Action apparel, from hoodies to joggers in football gear, will become your new favorite go-to. It has a light feel with heavy drip and sizes that run from youth to adult.

Different Types of Light Action Hoodies 

At Battle, we offer different types of light action hoodies that provide the ultimate in “strength and swag” for training days. For those warm weather double practice days, there’s the Battle’s Sleeveless Light Action Hoodie. It’s easy to move in with a raglan cut that has a four-way stretch. Warm-ups and cool-downs become a breeze with our performance moisture management system and anti-odor tech. 


Sleeveless Battle Light Action Hoodie  for football players


Another option in light action hoodies is the Light Action Face Mask Sleeveless Hoodie. Perfect for those early morning practices on the football field where you need extra protection from the cold. 

One of our most popular options and the top seller in light action gear is Battle’s Light Action Hoodie. This is a full-sized hoodie with all the benefits our sleeveless one offers to keep you cool and focused for hours of practice. In a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, each Light Action Hoodie will go the distance in comfort and style, making it the hoodie you reach for on all training days. 

There is also the option of the Light Action Face Mask Hoodie with a built-in face mask because if you play football in the winter, you might need extra protection from the elements. Because as you know, football gets played in any kind of weather. 

Your New Favorite Light Action Gear Jacket 


Battle Light Action Track Jacket for athletes

For athletes who need a versatile jacket, the Light Action Track Jacket is the one to choose. It has a high neck hood, full zippered style, and maximum comfort with side slits that promote easy movement. This specific style comes in black or white, with sizes that fit youth to adults up to 6XL. Are you a lineman or a defensive tackle? No problem here size-wise; Battle has you covered. 

Light Action Collection Football Pants and Shorts for Elite Pairings


Battle Light Action Track pants

To go with any of Battle’s light action gear on top, we offer football pants and shorts to complete the look. First up is our Light Action Track Pants. They are made of lightweight material that is moisture-wicking with a stretched waistband and cuffed ankles. Comfort and mobility are in mind when we design these track pants to make sure that speed and strength aren’t hindered in any way. 

Another option is the Light Action Cargo Joggers. In light action joggers, these pants have light stretch with a soft material and trendy ankle cinches. The multiple pockets make carrying a phone, keys, or anything else you may need when on the go a no-brainer.  

For those hot weather days, the Light Action Shorts 2.0 is the way to complete your training look. With four-way stretch, moisture-wicking material, and that famous heavy drip style that Battle is known for, you’ll be the flyest guy on any football team. It even has a high-visibility reflective logo stamp that makes night-time training safer. 


Battle Light Action Shorts for athletes

The Light Action Apparel Lineup: On the Field or Off Day Approved

For athlete-approved styles, the only place to turn to is Battle Sports. The Light Action Collection is all about letting you train at the top of your game in total comfort. You’ll probably find that you’ll want to grab this stylish lightweight athletic wear for all of your off days too.