Meet Our Battle Flow Softshell Helmet

football players wearing softshell helmets

Softshell helmets can be used for football (both flag and 7v7), rugby, soccer, and other sports. Football helmets have changed drastically over the years as technology and knowledge about injury prevention have advanced. Early iterations of helmets were manufactured from padded leather while the helmets used by football players today feature outer shells made of polycarbonate.

Prior to the invention of helmets in the late 1800s, football players often would keep their hair long to try and protect their heads. While the polycarbonate alloy plastic helmets and steel alloy face masks are the standard for contact protection, there are other options, like a softshell football helmet, to protect your head when playing flag or 7v7 football.

What are softshell helmets for?

Softshell helmets feature a pliable outer layer often made of foam or other impact-absorbing materials.

Softshell helmets are designed to help reduce the force of impacts to the head during football games and practices. Ultimately this can help reduce the chance of head injuries as the foam layer of the helmet can help distribute the force of a hit over a larger area of the head.

Softshell helmets are also generally lighter and more comfortable than traditional hard-shell helmets, which can make them more appealing to players who are looking for a practice or offseason football helmet that is more comfortable to wear and less restrictive.

Here at Battle, we know the agony that sports injuries can bring. Collectively, we’ve experienced major injuries like concussions and know the fear and frustration it can have on a player and his or her family. It’s what motivated us to start Battle Sports in 2009. Years before that though, we were hard at work in the sports safety business. Then and now, the goal remains the same, not just to make good products but to make innovative products that address the day’s greatest sports safety challenges.

Our Battle Flow Softshell Helmet

The unique padding design of our Battle Flow Softshell Helmet helps football players stay protected from collision while vents throughout this headgear allows for maximum breathability. This Battle Sports football equipment was built with your game in mind which is why we minimized blind spots for 100% peripheral vision so you’re never caught off guard while on the field.

The Flow Softshell Helmet easily covers 95% of your head while the chin strap and adjustable laces allow players to create their own custom fit. We offer these soft shell helmets in two colors, black and white, as well as two sizes, adult small/medium and adult large/XL.

Caring for Your Softshell Helmet

Our care instructions for the Flow Softshell Helmet make caring for your football equipment straightforward. In between offseason football games, you’ll want to hand wash this Battle Sports helmet with a mild soap or detergent and then air dry the helmet at room temperature. Be sure to avoid submerging the helmet in water or putting this in the dryer.

Still Deciding? Hear What Our Customers Say About It

Deciding what football equipment can be challenging which is why we rounded up what some of our Battle Sports customers had to say about the Flow Softshell Helmet after purchasing it. Here’s what reviewers had to say about our Battle Sports Flow Softshell Helmet:

  • “[This helmet] protected my son’s head and was comfortable with soft mesh material. Great buy.”
  • “This is perfect for flag football. It allows the head to breath and keeps [players] safe from any incidental collision. Perfect helmet.”
  • “Great helmet for 7on7. Helmet is comfortable and light while still giving enough cushion to protect you from head-on collisions. Would recommend, and well worth the price.”


The Battle Sports softshell helmet is perfect for 7-on-7 or full practices. It protects your head during full contact or partial contact drills and practices. And don’t forget: when you order from Battle, all orders over $35 to the contiguous United States receive FREE shipping.