Why Players Love Our Battle Football Gloves

Man with skull Battle gloves in football uniform

Accessories are part of any football uniform. They each serve a different purpose aside from looking good. The football glove is one of the most common accessories that you will find and gloves for football can actually make a sizable difference.

If you aren’t sure whether gloves in football are worth it, here are a few things worth knowing. When it comes to football gear, be it regular football gloves or football gloves for youth, you will find that the best football gloves can go a long way.

Why do players love Battle gloves?

Whether talking about youth gloves in football or an adult football glove, there is little doubting how good Battle gloves can be. The best football gloves offer something to players that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you aren’t sure why football gloves are worth adding to your uniform, stay tuned. These are the biggest reasons to include gloves for football into your gear.

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While gloves in football definitely help when catching the ball (more on that later), there is another major reason to add them to your football gear. The simple fact is that quarterbacks these days can really throw the ball and that sometimes leads to serious hurt for your hands.

By implementing Battle football gloves, you can keep your hands from serious damage. By wearing football gloves in youth, high school, college, and professional games, players can keep their hands protected from any serious damage.

For receivers, running backs, and defensive backs, the last thing needed is an injured or broken finger. Using gloves can help ensure that those skill players will be ready the next time the ball comes their way. Staying on the field is a must and can mean the difference between opportunity and riding the pine.


At the end of the day, the single most important reason to have gloves for football is their ability to aid in making the catch. For receivers, running backs, defensive backs, and linebackers, the football can be there in a split second. Having focus isn’t enough sometimes as you need to have a sure grip.

Implementing gloves into your gear can give you the best opportunity to make the catch. Even the players with the surest hands can benefit from Battle football gloves, making even the most tightly contested plays easier to come down with the ball.

The old school days are over. Players at skill positions use football gloves to give them the best chance at making the grab. If you are going to be anywhere near the ball, give yourself the best opportunity to come away with it. That is what the best football gloves can offer you.


While style may not necessarily be tangibly connected to performance on the field, there is something to be said about the old saying, “Look good, feel good, play good.” In this day and age, players want to look their best and that means choosing the right accessories for their football gear, including gloves in football.

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Even youth gloves in football are important because players know the value of looking cool early. Gloves now come in a huge array of colors and designs, giving each player the chance to have their own unique look when stepping onto the field. It can help boost confidence and leave players feeling like they are ready to take on the best of the best.

Since gloves come in so many different variations, matching them up to a school uniform has never been easier. Make sure that your entire outfit looks on point by having the right football glove to match the rest of the ‘fit. Style means confidence, confidence means swagger, and swagger can definitely translate to the football field.


Depending on where you live and play, it may not always be quite so warm when you step onto the field. Offensive linemen and quarterbacks, the positions that typically don’t wear gloves, have to fight to keep their hands warm in the most frigid of temperatures. But with Battle gloves, you can keep your hands feeling toasty at all times.

On the surface, it might not seem all that important. After all, what is there to deal with a little bit of cold? But with enough exposure, it can rob your fingers and hands of the feeling needed to make big catches. No one wants to drop a touchdown pass in a big moment because they couldn’t feel their fingers.

Gloves provide protection from the wind, snow, and other less than ideal conditions. In particularly cold games, players can add hand warmers to the inside of the glove to provide a truly warming impact. While other players struggle, those wearing gloves can remain comfortable and confident no matter what the weather is doing.

Now that you have all the tips for having a strong football summer camp, make sure you have all the performance gear you need. Shop the essentials at Battle Sports.