What Apparel to Wear to Spring Football Practice

Football player running ladder drills for spring practice in new football apparel

Spring football practice has arrived and now, it's time to show how much speed, strength, and swagger you've added in the off-season. We're not just talking performance; spring football season calls for fresh drip, both on and off the field. You can expect less intensity — and definitely less tackling — at this point of the offseason, so this is your best chance to bust out the trendiest and most comfortable football training apparel

If you're on the hunt for a great fit, check out the spring football practice apparel from Battle Sports. Designed to keep you dry, comfortable, and confident in all weather conditions, our hoodies, tees, shorts, and compression pants will keep you looking and playing fierce throughout the spring season. 

Not sure what to wear to spring football practice? Peep these player-preferred styles as you amp up your athletic collection.

Track Pants & Compression Tights for Cool Spring Practices

You're ready for warm weather, but what if the temperature refuses to cooperate? No worries; the right fit will keep you looking swaggy and staying warm. Grab a pair of Battle's Ultra Track Pants, and you'll easily fight off the wind and the rain. You'll also be prepared if things heat up, as the quick-drying material keeps you cool no matter the temperature.

Battle Full Compression Tights for football players

Need an added layer of warmth? Pick up a pair of Full Compression Tights, which provide all the support you need and can even keep muscle fatigue to a minimum as you return to full football form. Plus, for players who prefer wearing athletic shorts for spring practice, compression tights work well as a base layer.

Versatile Athletic Shorts

By the end of the spring season, things will start to heat up. As temperatures rise and practices get more intense, make the most of Battle's popular Fly 5 Double Layer Shorts. The compression layer underneath keeps everything in place, while a hidden pocket makes these shorts convenient to wear in any setting or situation.

Football player wearing Battle Light Action Shorts 2.0 during spring football training

If peak performance is a priority, get ready to cop the Battle Light Action Shorts 2.0. Drawing on the power of Battle's moisture management system, these shorts wick away sweat to keep you dry — a must for the transition from spring to summer. These athletic shorts are built to last, so they'll make it from spring practice all the way to the fall football season without missing a beat.

Styles for Showing Off in the Sun

You put in the work this off-season to build your body up — now it's time to show it off. The right sleeveless top can offer just enough warmth, with the added benefit of showcasing your arms and shoulders.

Football player wearing the Battle Sleeveless Light Action Hoodie to showcase muscular arms during football training

You can still rock a hoodie while giving your biceps maximum exposure: look to Battle's Light Action Sleeveless Hoodie for the ultimate in swag style. It's the perfect fit when you need just a bit of cool weather protection but also want to let your arms out for some sun.

If the fully sleeveless look isn't for you, stick with a classic option that's versatile enough for any situation: the Short Sleeve Performance Team Shirt. Simple enough to pair with any outfit — but specially designed with athletes in mind — this top will keep you looking and feeling fresh.

Legendary Long-Sleeve Athletic Tops

Struggling to decide what to wear for spring football practice? Chances are, this will be dictated by the rapidly changing weather conditions. If it's cold, rainy, and windy, grab a long-sleeve athletic top that will keep you comfortable. There's no need to sacrifice swagger and style, and, if anything, you'll struggle to retire your long-sleeve drip when summer finally arrives.

Quarterback wearing Battle Badge Bottom Rocker Long Sleeve T-Shirt during football practice

Go all-out with the Badge Bottom Rocker Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Featuring the iconic Battle logo on the back, this lightweight shirt is made from soft cotton which makes it a great choice year-round. It's breathable when you need to cool down, but still warm enough for the chilly spring season.

Another fresh fit worth checking out? Battle's Speed Performance Long Sleeve Tee. Make the most of the moisture management system and UV protection, which go a long way to elevate both performance and protection on those sunny spring days. If you need versatile, athletic apparel for spring football practice, the Speed Performance Long Sleeve Tee will give your collection an instant boost.

Dominate Spring Practice With Athletic Apparel from Battle Sports

Gear up for a new season with the perfect collection of spring football practice apparel from Battle Sports. With each look available in a variety of colors, there's no limit to the amount of drip you can display on and off the field. This is your chance for fresh styles and a fresh start for the football season ahead.