2 Legendary Ways Football Players Can Honor Mother’s Day



You’re an amazing team member, but you always give credit where it's due. Coaches, fellow football teammates...they all do their part, but what about your biggest fan? We're talking about Mom, of course.

From dropping you off at practice to throwing the ball around in the yard or even screaming her voice out in the stands, your mom plays a major role in the game. All she asks in return? For you to do your best — plus maybe the occasional hug.

It's high time Mom got a shout-out on the field. What better way to show you care than with gear from Battle Sports? This serves a dual purpose: making mom smile and also flexing on the opposing team. This is your chance to remind your opponents to stay humble and, most importantly, call their mom.

Don't Drop The Ball Call Your Mom

You have seen all kinds of football gloves on the field — but when you demand elite performance, you go for Battle. What if you want maximum drip and a note that opposing players won't forget? The answer is simple: Battle's Call Your Mom Doom Football Gloves

Get ready for a look that's both swaggy and sweet. You'll show off an eye-catching light blue color on the palms, contrasting a discreet white look on the outside.

Football player wearing Battle "Call Your Mom" Doom Receiver Football Gloves

At first glance, opponents might not think much of these gloves — but that will change in a hurry. Open up the hands and show them the "Call Your Mom" message, spelled out in a neon pink color that's sure to get their attention.

There's no better way to stunt on the competition after a big catch or a touchdown. When in doubt, flash your opponents a message they should take to heart. Maybe Mom can give them some tips on tackling or covering after the game! 

Battle's receiver gloves have more than just rizz: they provide the ultimate in grip. That extra boost could be the difference between a dropped ball, and a miraculous one-handed grab that will leave the opposition shook.

The fit is always right, and these Call Your Mom football gloves somehow manage to keep hands warm in the cold without getting too hot in the summer. The secret? PerfectFit material — a Battle glove exclusive that can't be found anywhere else.

If there's any doubt that Battle makes the best Call Your Mom receiver gloves in the game, just hit up mom after an elite performance in these gloves, and she'll believe the hype as well. She'll also be relieved that you're wearing gear to protect your hands from the bitter cold and investing in durable football gloves with the only 90-day durability guarantee in the game.

Mom Always Has Your Back

Nothing is satisfying quite like turning on the jets in the open field and leaving the opposing team in the dust. It's a feeling that players all season long and especially during those sweltering summer practices — the same practices that Mom used to drop you off at during the early days of ball.

Show Mom you're grateful for the grind she's put into the game by rocking Battle's Call Your Mom Chrome Football Back Plate.

Football player wearing Battle Sports "Call Your Mom" Chrome Football Back Plate

 Moms always worry about the physical aspects and injury risks within football, but this protective staple from our football equipment collection will provide moms with some peace of mind. It also spells a reminder for every player on the gridiron: they need to dial up Mom for a chat. Remember, there's no better support system than Mom after getting torched by a player showing out with the Call Your Mom Back Plate.

Made to protect against blindside hits and friendly fire, the Call Your Mom Back Plate features a curved design to ensure maximum energy disbursement. That means any knee, shoulder, or helmet that comes into contact will have its force distributed throughout the plate, instead of in one specific spot.

Constructed with a high-impact foam interior, this back plate stays in place during games, instead of flopping around and distracting you when you need maximum focus. Your Mom is all about practicality and this back plate is definitely practical.

Give Mom a Special Shout-Out With Battle Sports

What better way to rep Mom on Mother’s Day 2024 than with some new gear from Battle Sports? Not only will you get the chance to show you care, but you'll also give a shout-out to moms everywhere — and remind their kids to give them a call.

This is playful trash-talking at its best, but with a sweet reminder that everyone needs from time to time. Grab the best football gloves and back plates in the game and show why even the fiercest players love their moms as much as they love football.