3 Apparel Gift Ideas for Football Players (Athlete-Approved)



Football is not a sport—it’s a lifestyle. Whether training, practicing, lifting weights, or living life outside of their football responsibilities, players deeply care about their style and how their apparel expresses—and aligns with— their unique football personality. The one that extends far beyond game days.

So if you’re looking for special apparel gift ideas for football players that they’ll genuinely appreciate and be excited about, this football apparel gift guide is here to help. As an authentic football brand deeply attuned to what the modern football player wants, you can be sure that the football player apparel we’re about to present delivers what you need to deliver the perfect gift. 

The drip that the modern player demands. The versatile designs and color schemes can match any team colors and personal color preferences. The comfortable fit and feel that football players not only want, but need. And, of course, the clothing material quality and durability that delivers long-term value to both the lucky gift recipient and you, the thoughtful gift giver.

With all that said, it’s time for you to become the star of the gift-giving season. Our Battle Sports team is proud to present the best football player apparel gifts. All of which are athlete-approved and always appreciated.

Football Player Joggers That Are Just Better

Battle Football Dept. Jogger as a gift

Whether walking to practice, heading to class, running errands around town, or relaxing at home, joggers should be a staple in every football player’s arsenal. Pointing out the obvious, Battle Sports is not the only brand that makes and sells joggers. But we are one of the few that crafts comfortable, durable, and seriously stylish joggers specifically for football players.

One of our most popular football player joggers is our Battle Football Dept. Jogger. Available in five equally clean-looking colors, these joggers are a hit with players because of the way they blend fashion and functionality. From Grape Ice to Oil Green, the color schemes are original in their own right, while also being neutral enough to match with different colored football hoodies.

And on top of their versatile style, players appreciate the extra-comfortable relaxed fit and feel that these football joggers provide. And even more importantly, since these joggers are made with premium fabrics and materials, you can count on these joggers to maintain their shape and fit.

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Football Player Hoodies That Combine Comfort and Clean Looks

Battle Superfly Hoodie as a gift

Just as crucial during cold months as summer film sessions when the AC is cranked up, football player hoodies are a must-have. But back to the fashion and player expression variables we described earlier: players want more than just comfort from their hoodies. Yes, comfort is critical—and you get that with every Battle hoodie. But what you also get are easy-to-match, supremely swaggy styles that players love rocking. So much so that they’ll look for every opportunity to showcase their Battle hoodies across seasons.

Living up to its name, the Superfly Hoodie is a true showstopper and overwhelming crowd favorite. Available with matching Superfly Joggers, this swaggy hoodie is a super-lock to be one the best apparel gifts you can give to the football player in your life. With six vibrant colors and a distinct opportunity for players to showcase their original personality, this fashion-forward hoodie is just as well-suited for off-field events as it is for workouts. 

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Always In Style, Always Appreciated Football Player Tees

Battle Hitch Midweight Performance T-Shirt as a gift

Ready to layer under Battle track jackets, pair with any Battle joggers, or combine with other pants or shorts—football or non-football— Battle’s lineup of short and long-sleeve t-shirts allows players to build their own style. Even better, thanks to an unflinching commitment to material quality, Battle football tees are truly cut from a different cloth. This means that noticeable comfort comes standard alongside these on-trend t-shirt styles.

A runaway player favorite and, truth be told, the best t-shirt we’ve ever made, the Battle Hitch Midweight Short Sleeve Performance Shirt is as soft as it is durable, and as clean as it is crispy. It’s versatile enough to match any off-field outfit or pair with football training shorts to fuel a productive workout.

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Why Battle is The Best Gift Destination For Football Player Clothing 

Like we opened with, football is not just a sport. It’s definitely not a game. And in this modern era, it’s definitely not something that’s looking to exclude style and swagger anytime soon. As a bonafide football brand, we’re in tune with the style and performance trends of the modern adult and youth football player population. Similar to our football equipment, our football apparel reflects this intentional alignment through and through. Taking this universal phrase as seriously as possible, when players look good and feel good, they play good. And this mindset extends from the field to all those moments in between that together make up the football player lifestyle.

Go with Battle for your football player apparel gifts and you can be sure you’re giving truly original clothing items that resonate with real football players. Plus, you’re also safely winning one more battle against the stress of gift shopping. Isn’t that what we all want when gift-giving? Win-Wins?