4 Benefits of Sticky Gloves for Football Players

football player catching the ball with sticky gloves

We have all seen football players of every position wearing gloves. Pink gloves, black gloves, white gloves, and red gloves, we see them primarily on offensive players and defensive backs, but it doesn’t end there.

But is there a benefit to wearing football gloves? What can the best football gloves do to help you level up your game? When it comes to receiver gloves, you may be wondering how sticky gloves for football can be an improvement. Here are four of the biggest benefits of wearing sticky gloves for football.

They Help You Catch

The first, and perhaps most obvious, reason for wearing football gloves is that they help you hold onto the ball. For receivers and defensive backs, receiver gloves have become almost mandatory for playing the position.

Using a grippy polymer, it isn’t quite super glue, but it feels like it to football players. Even better, they come in a variety of colors and styles: white gloves, black gloves, red gloves, pink gloves, custom art, and more. It is easy to find the exact type of football glove to suit your game and style. The best football gloves have grippy polymer and make it easier to secure the football in even the toughest of situations.

For receivers and defensive backs, the best football gloves allow for a better grip. In a game of inches, coming down with the ball is easier when wearing receiver gloves. It is not an automatic catch – it still takes talent and dedication, after all – but you can improve your odds on each play with sticky gloves for football.

Temperature Optimal

Early receiving gloves were more about protection than anything else (more on that in the next section). Now, they serve two purposes. They help receivers make crucial catches while also allowing them to feel good about how they look while doing it.

But it turns out that the best football gloves are good at keeping the elements at bay. When the weather drops, frigid hands can cause numbness and rob receivers of feeling in their fingers. That lack of feeling can cause a delayed reaction, resulting in a drop at a crucial time.

Likewise, when things are hot, hands can become slick or sweaty. The best football gloves provide breathability when needed and insulation from the cold when not. Stuff a handwarmer or two in there and you can be ready for anything that the weather may throw at you.

With the perfect setup, players can focus on performing their roles. Without receiver gloves, it would just be their hands against the elements. If the weather isn’t right, it can compromise their very ability to do their job.

They’re Stylish

While it may not technically be a way to boost performance, there is something to be said about looking good. In this day and age, players adhere to the “look good, feel good” mantra. By having stylish receiver gloves, they can express themselves from a stylistic standpoint.

The best thing about sticky gloves for football is that they are now available in more colors and styles than you could have imagined. Intricate designs and patterns, colors ranging all across the spectrum, and even customizable designs are now all possible.

And there is something to be said about feeling good about how you look. Players these days are all about “swag” and being able to look good on the field can be a precursor for performing at an optimal level as well.

These days, receivers, defensive players, and anyone else can have a full rotation of gloves at their disposal. There is nothing like being able to choose the best football gloves that will suit your needs in a particular game.


Playing receiver is not easy on the hands. After all, the quarterback is usually delivering the ball as hard as they can to fit into the tightest of windows. By having sticky gloves for football, you not only give yourself a better shot at holding onto the ball but improve the protection given to your hands.

In the days prior to gloves, and even in the early days of wearing them, broken and dislocated fingers were commonplace. It was a rite of passage to be a receiver. But that kind of thing can have a negative impact on performance in the long term.

By wearing the best football gloves, pass-catchers and defenders alike can get additional protection. The flexibility remains but you may be able to survive a direct hit without a potential dislocation or break. Over the course of a long season, your hands are going to take a pounding. Make sure that it remains at that level rather than something that can keep you off of the field. And you can do that by making the move to the right receiver gloves.