Super Bowl Motivation For Football Players of All Ages & Stages


The Super Bowl is always one of the most-watched events on television, and it serves as an inspiration to millions of young players. Super Bowl motivation is something that starts early for most players. A lot of the guys who will take to the field on February 11th in Las Vegas dreamed about playing in the "Big Show" years ago, back when they were playing Pop Warner football. Playing in a Super Bowl is the culmination of years of determination, discipline, practice, skill-building, and hard work.

If you're a football player yourself, here are some productive ways to watch the game and unlock opportunities to motivate yourself for the next football season—and those that follow.

Notice How Grateful the Players Are to Be Playing in the Super Bowl

During the pre-game build-up—interviews, press conferences, etc— there's always a ton of player footage and interviews. One thing that stands out about the most inspiring football players is that they're always so grateful to be there. They're about to play in the biggest game of their football career. For some players, this is their one-and-only shot at playing in a Super Bowl. They understand the magnitude of this achievement and realize that they didn't get there alone.

Players will be thanking a parent, a coach, their hometown, their fellow teammates, their college alma mater, and others who made a difference in their football journey. If the best players in the game are grateful to others, shouldn't we commit to being the same way in our own football journeys?

Draw Inspiration from the Pageantry of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the greatest shows on earth, and every year the NFL tries to outdo the previous year's spectacle. It's incredible when you consider all the work that goes into producing a sensational Super Bowl spectacle for the benefit of the fans, players, and the millions and millions watching the game at home. Imagine that much effort going into showcasing you and your teammates for a game. What do you have to do to earn that sort of recognition and stage? Visualize yourself being on the field, battling it out with the best of the best, with over 100 million viewers tuned in. That is as big of a stage as it gets in all sports.

Powerful Performances Under Incredible Pressure

There's a flip side to all of that pageantry and spectacle that goes into every Super Bowl: pressure! Watch how the players react to being in front of what is likely the biggest and noisiest crowd that they've ever seen, in the most important game of their career, on one of the most-watched televised events in the US. Talk about having the weight of the world on your shoulders! 

One of the things that always surprises us in every Super Bowl is how some players rise to the occasion, despite all that pressure. They're able to put the noise and the lights and everything else in their lives aside for a few hours and just focus on playing the best game possible. Someone always performs "that play" in a Super Bowl -- the one that's going to be talked about for years to come -- and it's usually a surprise. Those moments happen because certain players have the mental toughness and focus to shut everything else out and just play the game. And it’s important to note that many of those mentally resilient players have practiced mindfulness, meditation, visualization, or a combination of all three to be ready to perform under immense pressure. Football players watching at home can emulate these mental training methods to support their play at whatever level they’re playing in—and be ready when the pressure rises as they move up to higher levels.

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