Best Offseason Football Workouts

man doing squats with kettlebell

In this day and age, there is no true offseason for football. When the games have finished, the best of the best continue to work on their physique and game to improve it. During the quietest months of the year, that is when the true work begins.

The key is to find football workouts that will help improve your offseason training program. It also helps to have the right performance apparel that can help take your performance to the next level. Football apparel like football shorts, compression gear, and compression shorts can take your football workouts to the next level.

Endurance and Stability

Endurance is one of the most crucial aspects of offseason training. When the season begins, the best players have a motor that continues to run through the final games of the season. The goal here is to correct any imbalances that may have been created by injuries that happened during the season.

The goal is to create core stability and improve flexibility. Moreover, you want to work on core balance and strength as well as remove any imbalances. Things like dumbbell presses, glute bridges, assisted pull-ups, plank kick throughs, and single-leg bent-over rows are all part of the plan.

For this phase, compression gear can be great. It is smooth and comfortable, keeps you cool, and promotes better flexibility and blood flow. It is the perfect training apparel, whether talking shorts for football or shirts.

Strength and Endurance

You’re going to notice a theme here: endurance. While the first part was working on stability and recovering from injury as well, we are building strength in this section. The reps and sets will be moderate but enough to increase your muscular endurance.

Barbell squats, plank walk ups with dumbbell pull, seated box jumps, dumbbell plank rows, pull-ups/chin-ups, dumbbell push presses, and dumbbell or barbell benches are all part of this workout. When it comes to training apparel, flexibility is also important here. Lifting heavy weights means needing to be able to move quickly and easily.

No matter what position you play, strength and endurance go hand in hand. This is the kind of offseason training program that can help to take your game to the next level.

Muscle Building

For a complex, physical sport like football, putting on muscle mass is crucial for any position. All of the football workouts you hear about should consider strength training in order to continue building muscle even through offseason training.

It is important to focus on each area of the body with presses, pulls, rows, and more. There will also be explosive workouts to help give players that quick-twitch explosiveness that the best of the best has. Single leg seated box jumps and plate corkscrews are common here. Compression shorts can be great training apparel here. It promotes better blood flow, giving you the oxygen needed to get that extra burst of explosiveness needed to get through these tough workouts.

Strength Training

In this phase, the goal is to develop strength. Having good muscle mass does not necessarily translate to actual power. Given the physical matchups that take place in a one-on-one setting, that explosive power becomes a necessity.

Again, there will be focus on each part of the body. Squats for the legs, presses for the shoulders, incline bench for the chest, and rows for the back. Box jumps, plate corkscrews, and plate bear crawls will all help with the required explosive ability that each player needs. This will last for about a month or so and should provide the power needed to shed blocks as a receiver, break through arm tackles as a back, or fight through blocks as a defensive player.

Power Training

The goal of this phase is to transfer some of that strength into a combination of game-speed and power, allowing players to apply greater force in shorter, faster bursts. This is typically completed closer to the beginning of the season.

Barbell squats, dumbbell split presses, dumbbell alternating rows, bear crawl sled pulls, and kettlebell swings are all commonplace here. Breathable performance apparel is necessary here so that you can keep comfortable in the face of challenging workouts. Whether you go with compression gear or something a little looser fitting, it will aid in your workout.

Be Ready for the Season

When the season comes around, you will be prepared to take on all comers. With improved strength, flexibility, endurance, and explosiveness, it will allow you to take the field in a way like never before. More importantly, it will help you to get through the length of the season in better shape than you have in the past.

Between the right workout programs and the best training apparel, you will be prepared both on and off the field. Make your offseason training program a winner.