What to Wear to Football Practice

Whether a beginner or an experienced pro, it is important to wear the right gear to football practice. Of course, wearing things like a helmet or cleats are part of the process, but there is so much more to it than that.


If you aren’t sure what you or your child should be wearing to football practice, a list can help. Here are the most important items that anyone should wear to football practice on a regular basis.


It almost doesn’t matter what position that you play because football gloves can help. Whether a receiver, defensive back, or part of the offensive line, wearing gloves can be a good idea for both game day and practice.

That is an important thing to recognize. Only wearing them during football games can leave you open to issues in practice. Offensive linemen, for example, undergo tremendous punishment to their hands anytime they step on the field. The punishment taken during practice can add up, especially without gloves.

Fingers can get bashed, bruised, and damaged easily. By wearing gloves, there is an added layer of protection that would not otherwise be there.


It can be all too easy to not think about the simple things when heading to practice. An undershirt can be one of those things that is easily forgotten. Anything that you wear underneath the football padding is meant to add comfort.

Having an undershirt is key because it can be a great way to avoid little nicks and dings that would be caused by padding. Depending on the kind of shirt that you use, cutting off the midriff can be a great way to stay cool throughout.

Wearing a shirt might seem like it is cumbersome or an annoyance, but it will actually go a longer way that you realize. Make sure to wear one for both practice and games alike. We recommend the Sports Performance Tee so you have a shirt that’s moisture wicking and provides UV protection.


Mouth Guard

There are some pieces of equipment that get classified as being specifically for game use but they really should be used no matter the occasion. Without a doubt, one of the most important pieces of equipment is the mouth guard.


A mouth guard plays an important role, especially in reducing head injuries. Football is a contact sport and there are collisions even in practice. Wearing a mouthpiece prevents the teeth from smashing together on a particularly hard collision.

Without a mouth guard in, the impacts can be exponential. Teeth can chip and break. There is also the chance of a concussive blow because of the upper and lower jaw coming together with such force. Mouth guards don’t necessarily stop them from happening altogether but they do reduce the impacts from such blows.


Though they aren’t necessarily common at the youth levels, the higher up you go the more common braces are. The speed and the size of players means that even making cuts can be dangerous to the health of the players, particularly knees and ankles.

While tape might be fine for most players, braces can go a long way as well. It is additional support that keeps ankles and knees from taking on excess damage that can result in major injury. There are even some programs that require the use of ankle braces, even at practice, because of the dangers involved.

Because football is a contact sport, it is imperative to have every ounce of protection available. Even non-contact injuries can happen regularly and braces can help to prevent them from happening on a regular basis


It might seem simple to think that cleats would be required for practice, but that is not necessarily the case. For some, wearing flat shoes might be okay because practices generally are not as highly intense as games.

That said, having cleats is definitely recommended for a few reasons. For starters, injuries happen at practice all of the time. Even simple cuts and jukes can lead to a misstep resulting in injury. Wearing cleats can help to cut down on those slips and missteps that lead to injury.

Depending on the position, players can have different sets of cleats. Some grip better in different situations, so it might not be necessary to have multiple pairs for practice every time. Another way to secure your ankles is by wearing our Battle Cleat Sleeves.

The Final Word

Though practice can oftentimes be taken with less seriousness than games, it is still an important part of the process. Practice hones those necessary abilities and makes them the best that they can be when game time comes.

Having the right football gear for practice can have a drastic impact on how players perform. By being properly equipped, having better practices becomes possible. When players practice better, they perform better come game time. Players should make sure that they are prepared at any time to maximize their performance.