5 Football Gear Drip Ideas For Friday Nights


Getting the most out of your performance on the football field comes down to several factors. While physical attributes certainly go the furthest, there is something about feeling confident in the way you look both on and off the field.

Known as football player drip, that confidence has the ability to begin starting from the moment you get off the bus to the last play of the game. There are a few key pieces of equipment that every player should have in order to achieve football gear drip.

What is “Drip”?

Before we go on, it helps to know what “drip” is. Perhaps you have heard the term “swag” in some way. It is short for swagger, which is a measure of clear confidence and a cool demeanor that comes along with it.

Drip can also permeate through one’s attire both on and off the field. Swaggy football gear can elevate confidence to a new level. Let’s get into the various types of cool football gear that you should be adding to your equipment bag.

Battle Football Gloves

Battle football gloves that have drip

When talking about drippy football gear, the very first thing that will come up is football gloves. With Battle Football Gloves, players can look good and feel good every time they step on the field.

These gloves come in a variety of styles and colors, making them perfect for any player personality. Gloves have a certain swag to them, looking great in cohesion with team color schemes and combined with the right pieces of football equipment.

On top of that, they serve a purpose. In addition to the “look good, feel good” mantra, receiving gloves provide additional grip as well. Not just drip, grip is a critical part of performing on the field and the best receiving gloves can help make every catch feel more secure.

Battle Mouthguards

Football mouthguards that have drip

Mouthguards have become an integral part of any football uniform setup. They have the ability to reduce concussive impacts, which in turn reduce the risk of potential head injuries. They serve a major purpose and there’s a reason why most football players wear them.

That said, they are the definition of football gear drip. Battle Binky Diamond Oxygen Mouthguards shine in a way that other pieces of equipment cannot match. They offer protection but they bring an even stronger sense of style that other equipment can’t stand up to. Even better, they come in a huge array of colors and styles to fit different personalities on the field.

Even if the binky style mouthguard isn’t your ideal fit, there are plenty of other mouthguards out there that can amplify both your safety and confidence on the field. No matter where you look, every player has a stylish mouthguard that allows them to feel safe and comfortable on the field while taking the “look good, feel good, play good” feeling to a level like never before.

Battle Ties & Wraps

Football ties and wraps that have drip

Football gear drip is about two things. The first is looking good because we all tend to play at our best when we feel good about how we look. The second is delivering actual performance that can benefit you both on the field and off of it.

With Battle Skull Wraps and Ties, you can achieve both of those things with some of the best swaggy football gear out there. These wraps come in an array of colors like black, white, navy blue, red, pink, and neon green. Whatever the color scheme, football player drip is achievable with the right skull wrap.

In addition to looking great, there is another purpose served. These skull wraps are great for keeping sweat out of the eyes so that there is no break in focus. Sweat can sting when it gets in the eyes and the last thing needed is a distraction in the heat of the play. You want football player drip, not sweat drip.

Battle Hats

Battle hats that have drip

Before you can ever get onto the field, you need football gear drip to feel good as you walk into the locker room. With the Battle Graffiti Hat, you can feel confident before you even get that first piece of gear on for the game.

Part of the entire “look good, feel good” mantra is carrying yourself with confidence no matter where you are. Before the game starts, the battle begins by looking and feeling your best. Having a bright, colorful, swaggy hat can help bring a sense of style that translates to the field.

There are plenty of other accessories and pieces of drippy football gear to add to your repertoire. When you feel confident in how you look, that confidence will translate to the field and help aid in a higher level of performance. Football player drip is real and can be achieved with Battle Sports.

Battle Ultra-Stick Arm Sleeves

Ultra-Stick full arm football sleeves

It is critical to hold onto the ball whenever the opportunity comes. With Ultra-Stick full arm sleeves, players can have even greater confidence when handling the ball. Additionally, the compression technology can pay further benefits for blood flow as well.

The real reason that many football players wear sleeves is because they just look swaggy. Pairing the right color of arm sleeve with the rest of the uniform, players can look and feel confident before they ever take a snap on the field.


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