Increase the Lifespan of Your Football Gloves

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Football gloves: they give your athleticism an edge, can make a bold statement (or a subtle one, whatever makes your fit you), and they also get battered. Gloves aren’t meant to last forever – but they could definitely last longer, right? 

A little TLC goes a long way. Here are a few tips to extend the season on your gloves:

Double Up, Double Fun

You’ll have practices in the double digits before you set foot on a field for a game. Break down is inevitable but rotating your gloves can increase how much time you get out of them. Get two pairs of gloves to keep one pair in peak game day condition. Keep your practice style low-key with the  Double Threat gloves and project your power during games with the “Skullface” Doom 1.0 gloves. Whatever you choose, choose it for you.

Air It Out

Wadding your gloves up and tossing them into your bag post practice/game takes a toll on the fabric, allowing bacteria to develop which breaks down the material. Be sure to store your gloves right-side out to allow them to evenly dry. Hot tip: lay them flat in the sun to fully air dry. Cool tip: hang those bad boys to catch a breeze. 

Handle with Care

Keeping your gloves clean of dirt and grime sets you up for success, not only for a literal fresh look, but also for tackiness and longevity. Best care practices are to gently hand wash your gloves in cold water, use a mild detergent to clean them, scrunch the gloves up to squeeze out excess water (no wringing or twisting!) and hang them to dry. Strapped for time? The washing machine can be a safe option only if they are washed on the delicate cycle in cold water, and again, allow them to air dry. No need to wash them every day! Freshen your gloves at most, once a week, depending on use and sweat levels.

Skullface Football Gloves

Restoration Operation - Tackiness

Once your gloves are fully dried, use a baby wipe to wipe down the palm of your gloves. This will ensure that you’ve removed any residual soap, which can prevent your gloves from sticking. For more methods to help bring back the tack in your gloves, click this link to our other blog post: How to Make Football Gloves Sticky Again