How to Wear a Mouthguard with Braces


If you have braces, you know how much time they take up.

From your first appointment to monthly adjustments, we know you’d rather be running drills on the football field. No offense to your orthodontist, but you’re probably dreaming of your last day in the dental chair.

Before that victorious day comes, keep your progress on track. And if you’re a football player, that means you must be selective about your mouthguard in the meantime.

Braces may look like they’re adding an extra layer of protection, but they actually put your gums and cheeks at more risk for injuries.

So, can you wear a mouthguard with braces?

You can’t hear us, but we’re shouting YES! But, you’ll need a specific mouthguard for braces whether you’re training or playing.

What type of football mouthguard is recommended?

As any seasoned player knows, you’re going to need a game plan to match your preferences. First, decide if you want a boil, or non-boil option. From there, see if you can find a fit that addresses your pressing pain points. That’s why we start every design with a dental solution in mind.

Here are a few key benefits of our Battle Sports Braces Fit gear:

  • Built by a dedicated team of athletic, dental, and medical experts.
  • Alleviate or prevent pesky TMJ issues.
  • Dental warranty options are available.

Explore a few of our favorite styles here:

Breathe with Ease: Binky Iridescent Football Oxygen Football Mouthguard


This safe, secure, and stylish award-winning piece allows for maximum airflow with a spacious breathing passage.

Top Feature: Bounce back with the protective absorber shield.


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Long-Lasting Comfort through Overtime: Speed Football Mouthguard with Connected Thick Strap


Intense impact is absorbed by sturdy material with an extended lip shield and tether strap.

Top Feature: Cushioned bitewings are crafted from soft, high-quality material.


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Dynamic Mobility: “Spinner” Oxygen Football Mouthguard


Sleek with a spin, this fan-favorite mouthguard delivers consistent airflow and a steady absorber shield.

Top Feature: Built-in rotating smart spinner.


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Flexible Fit: Football Mouthguard 2-Pack


If your teeth are constantly shifting, stick with our classic fit, made with our patent-pending EVER-MOLD™ Composite, which can be re-boiled as re-modeled..Plus, this comes with a bottom barricade to protect lower teeth.

Top Feature: Never lose your focus with the easy-clip removable strap with integrated safety release.


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Looking for more Battle mouthguard styles to match your jersey? Stock up for the season on our braces fit options here.