How to Incorporate Conditioning Into Your Workout

Strength training is very popular right now and with good reason. People aren’t just looking to build up their muscles, they want to be physically stronger. The problem with that is that, even while being strong, it can be difficult to keep your breath.

For this reason, having cardio incorporated into your workout can be a great idea. Being able to have the conditioning to take on not only long workouts, but more physically rigorous activities can become a lot easier. Here are a few of the best ways to interweave conditioning into your workout.


Mountain Climbers

Strength training is all fine and well, but there are certain exercises that can help to improve your conditioning as well. The mountain climber is one of the best exercises that you can do that builds strength while adding to your conditioning.

Start by getting into a high plank, making sure that your back stays straight. Keeping it straight as you engage your core is crucial. From there, bring your knee up into your chest before extending it back to the beginning position.

Repeat on the other side, continuing along for a minute or so. You will want to do anywhere from 2 to 4 sets of these at a time depending on your current conditioning level.

Squat Jumps

Before getting started, it is important to know that control is crucial here. You will want to land as softly as possible. You can make the workout more intense by replacing the regular jump with something closer to a tuck jump instead.

Start by standing with your feet wide apart; roughly shoulder-width should do fine. Start to slowly lower yourself down into the best squat position that you can muster. This is where you will engage your core. Low your body as you begin to explode upward, extending your arms upward and overhead.

Finish by lowering back down into a squatting position from the moment you land. With anywhere from 2 to 4 sets of 10-15, you should begin to notice that you are building your conditioning up exponentially.

Split Jacks

Some of the conditioning exercises on this list are primarily based in your lower body. The good thing about split jacks is that it is a total-body exercise. Even better, it is a cardiovascular exercise with a focus on the hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

To start, get yourself set in the lunge position, starting with your left foot planted in front of you. Raise your right arm overhead, with your left arm set alongside your body. Get your most explosive jump in, switching the positioning of your feet. So, if you started with your left foot forward, you would want your right foot to come forward as you jump.

As you jump, change the positioning of your arms as well. Your left arm should go overhead while you bring the right arm close into your body. Keep this up for 30 second intervals, trying to keep your body as even as possible throughout. Try to get in at least 2 sets, though you can go up to 4. You should see a noticeable difference in your explosiveness as well as your conditioning.


Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular conditioning exercises that there is. While the regular burpee can be quite challenging, particularly if you are just starting out with your strength and conditioning, there's a way to make it even more challenging.

Adding in a couple of pushups while in the plank position can be a great way to add to your conditioning. But the burpee itself is pretty basic and you can make it part of your conditioning program.

Begin with your feet set apart around shoulder-width. Begin by slowly lowering down until you are in a squat position, placing your hands on the floor right under your shoulders. You can either jump or walk your feet back so that you wind up in a high plank position. Then, walk or jump so that your feet are on the outside of your hands, bringing your body back into a squat position.

Finally, engage your core as you jump, trying to get as high as you can while extending your arms above your head. Each set should be between 8 and 15 repetitions, with 2 or 3 sets during a given workout.

The Final Word

Strength training is a good idea for any number of reasons. When you can implement some conditioning into the mix, it is a great way to ensure that you won’t get tired out as easily during some of the more rigorous workouts.

Best of all, these workouts can be done anywhere at any time. You can practice each of these exercises until you perfect them then start integrating them into your workout routine. Need new apparel for your conditioning workouts? Check out fresh new sports apparel at Battle.