How to Accurately Size Football Gloves for Adults & Kids


Securing and gripping the football. Preventing fumbles. Hand padding and shock absorption.

These are just a few of the key benefits of football gloves - and they're commonly worn by players at many positions, from quarterback to wide receiver, linemen to defensive back, and from youth football to the NFL. And while players recognize the importance of gloves in their game, football glove sizing isn't as straightforward as it may seem.

Just think of this post as a definitive football glove size guide, covering football glove sizes, how to size gloves, glove fit preferences, and more. Read on to learn more about how to get the perfect football glove fit.

How to Size Football Gloves: A Step-by-Step Guide

Football gloves come in both youth and adult sizes. Youth sizes are intended for kids from the earliest youth ages up through junior high school, while adult gloves are best for players at the high school level and up. Regardless of whether you're a youth or adult football player, you'll measure for proper fit the same way. Here's an overview:

Reference the Glove Sizing Guide

Football glove sizing chart for kids and adults

The first thing you'll want to do when purchasing football gloves is reference the football glove size chart for that brand. Our Battle Sports’ size chart is featured above. Just like shoes, football gloves come in different sizes, and finding your exact size will help ensure that your gloves fit properly and add the hand grip boost that you're looking for. Once you locate the sizing guide, measure your hand to see what size glove you wear.

How to Measure Your Hand

Sizing yourself for gloves is easy. The only tool you need to do it is a measuring tape. With a measuring tape, you'll need to measure both the circumference and length of your hand.

  • Measuring your hand length: Take the tape measurer and measure from the tip of your longest finger down to the palm of your hand.
  • Measuring your hand circumference: Start below the knuckles and measure all the way around your hand.

Following these measurements (note: circumference is not commonly included in football glove sizes), line up your information with the appropriate glove on the sizing chart. Football gloves tend to come in six to seven sizes for both the youth and adult categories, from small to extra large, and even extra extra large sizes.

Select the Right Type of Football Glove For Your Position

Finally, you'll want to select a pair of gloves based on the position that you're playing and the specific style you're looking for.

For instance, wide receiver gloves are designed to help players get a better grip on the ball, thereby giving them a better chance at catching and securing the ball when it's thrown their way. These gloves tend to be thin and flexible, and feature tack in the palm and fingers to ensure peak performance in wet and snowy weather conditions.

If you're a lineman playing in the trenches, however, you'll likely be suiting up with a different type of glove. Lineman gloves tend to offer enhanced padding to cushion the hands. This helps provide protection if the hands get stepped on and also while they're making or getting off their blocks.


Snag The Glove Style That Suits Your Player Personality

Lastly, there's the glove style and design to consider. Today's gloves do more than just complement player performance: they can also make a bit of a fashion statement. From classic solid color football gloves to bold back of handprint and palm print football gloves with drippy designs like graffiti and beware of dog, today's gloves are made to showcase players’ personalities and add some additional swag to their game.

Battle Beware of Dog football gloves Scary cloaked clown football gloves

Glove Fit Preferences

Most players tend to prefer a glove that fits tightly. This ensures it can truly become an extension of their hand and maintain the flexibility necessary for playing their position. However, a more loose-fitting glove isn't always a bad thing - especially for youth football players who are still growing. Ideally, football gloves should fit snugly and securely - not too tight, but also not too loose.

Find Your Best Fit & Favorite Football Glove Style at Battle Sports

Today's football gloves combine style and performance - but to maximize your game, you'll need to ensure they fit correctly. And a proper fit all starts with knowing how to measure your hands correctly. From there, you can select the youth or adult gloves that fit best and in the modern designs that match your personality and playing style.

Contact Battle Sports for more information or browse our football gloves collection to see the glove styles and designs we carry.