Why Do Football Players Wear Towels?

Football player in bright pink outfit with pink towel

Football apparel has changed throughout the years. Back in the day, equipment had barely evolved and, in some cases, could barely protect the players wearing it. Players now have a greater focus on style and function than ever before. Each piece of equipment and apparel is capable of delivering more than they have in the past.

One staple of football apparel is the towel. For decades, we have seen players on the field wearing a towel that is tucked into their pants. Even if you have been a fan for years, you may have never really given much thought to why the towel is there.

If you want to learn more about the football towel, this is the place for you. When looking for the best football towel, Battle Sports has all that you could be looking for. Whether you are looking for a white football towel, pink football towel, or football towels in general, here are a few things that are worth your consideration.

They are stylish

No matter how you feel about football towels, style is a major focus for players these days. We hear it referred to as “swag” but looking good while on the field can give players a sense of confidence knowing that they look cool to not only fans but their peers as well.

Towels hanging out of the pants have been part of football apparel for decades. But they have evolved to become part of the overall style of the game. A pink towel, white football towel, different towel materials, and other factors can contribute to the overall look and feel of the player’s uniform, adding some personality.

Sure, there are other more practical uses to be had, but style is more important than ever before. The old saying talks about how if you look good, you will feel good and subsequently play well. Players can change up their towel game and tie it into the color scheme of the team, looking more stylish and feeling more comfortable.

Dry hands

Though gloves have become a normal and critical accessory for skill players, they are not perfect. Yes, they are designed to improve grip and protect the hands of players as the game unfolds. But having a towel on hand can make a big difference, too.

During games where rain or snow is prevalent, even gloves cannot prevent moisture from happening. When moisture has accumulated on the outside of the gloves, it can reduce the grip factor that many modern gloves offer.

Quarterbacks benefit most from dry hands. Handling the ball on each snap, any moisture can lead to a mishandling of the snap and the chaos that ensues. Quarterbacks see the value of the best football towel over the course of any game.

Having a football towel available can improve the ability of players to stay dry on the field. A quick wipe of the best football towel means keeping those gloves dry and using that improved grip to haul in any ball that comes your way. If you think that gloves are the end-all, be-all, think again. Have a quality towel on hand to lend to your overall performance.

Dry arms

Ball security is of major importance in football. Having dry hands is a helpful way to keep your grip on the ball but hands are not the only critical factor in holding onto the ball. Wet arms can lead to fumbles over time, creating more limited opportunities to see the field.

Players who handle the ball – running backs and wide receivers, in particular – need to make sure that their arms and even biceps are as dry as can be. While this might seem like a minor detail, it can be a difference-maker in holding onto the ball.

Receivers and running backs cradle the ball under their armpit more often than not, keeping it tight to their bodies. If their arms are sweaty and slick, the ball could be potentially punched out by an aggressive defender. Keeping dry by using a towel can allow you to have confidence while carrying the ball.

Dry face

Sweat dripping into the eyes can be problematic. Not only is it annoying but sweat stings as well. The last thing anyone wants is sweat getting in their eyes in the middle of a play. Using a football towel, particularly one with soft towel material, will become a necessity.

Football towels are great for dabbing the forehead and wiping sweat from the eyes. Whether it be a white football towel or a pink football towel, keeping sweat at bay allows you to put the focus on the play and not the stinging of sweat dripping into your eyes. For such a simple piece of apparel, a football towel can prove to be crucial to any getup.