The Greatest Football Rivalries of All Time

football player breaking tackles

Football is a game of intense competition. When any two football teams get together, it creates a battle of wills to come out on top. Where the average football game can’t compare is when it comes to a bitter rivalry game.

Football rivalry is about history and every football fan knows what that means. Football rivalries are perhaps the most coveted part of the sport, creating memorable moments throughout. If you are a football fan, you should be aware of these football rivalries in both college and the NFL.

Michigan Wolverines vs Ohio State Buckeyes

Arguably the biggest rivalry in sports, not just football. The two have been a staple of the famed Big Ten conference, battling one another going back to 1897. “The Game” is the final regular season meeting of each season and often the focal point of national attention.

Even with nearly two decades of Buckeye dominance, recently curbed by a pair of Wolverine victories, Michigan still leads the all-time matchup with a tally of 60-51-6. It doesn’t hurt that each stadium houses more than 100,000 of the fiercest fan bases in sports.

In many of the matchups, there are big implications. Whether it be a conference championship, playoff spot, national championship, or just rivalry pride, there is no doubting that this is among the elite football rivalries around. It has everything a football rivalry could encompass and more.

Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL football teams have evolved throughout the years and the “hatred” has largely been taken out of each football game. It is a competition but the days of lining up against the other guy and wanting to dominate them because of the jersey they wear has waned.

But when it comes to the Ravens and Steelers, it is hard to find two professional football teams that hate each other more. If you are watching football, make sure to take in at least one of these games each year to find out what smashmouth football is about.

The Ravens and Steelers encapsulate what old school football is about. Every football game between the two is tightly contested and one of the most physical matchups there is. As a football fan, earmark this rivalry game on your calendar.

Oklahoma Sooners vs Texas Longhorns

A great college football rivalry has to be dramatic and exciting. If you want to see a battle between two football teams that bring the noise just about every year, then tune into the Red River Showdown between Oklahoma and Texas.

The rivalry game dates back to 1900 and has been uninterrupted dating back to 1929. For nearly the last century straight, these two teams have been competing for supremacy in the Midwest, oftentimes en route to a conference or national championship.

The winner also gets more than bragging rights. Some of the best football rivalries include a rivalry trophy. For the Red River Showdown, the winner gets a golden ten-gallon hat. Even better, the winner gets to keep the trophy until the next showdown. This is a football rivalry that has everything you could ever ask for.

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

When looking into the history of the NFL, you can’t get far into it without talking about the Bears and Packers. Any good rivalry game features history and it is hard to match the history that these two football teams bring to the table.

The Packers are arguably the most famous franchise in the NFL, with fans watching football while sporting foam cheeseheads in just about every area of the country. The Bears, meanwhile, have become synonymous with hard nosed football. When the weather turns frigid, it is hard not to picture the plume of fog produced by labored breath in Lambeau or Soldier Field.

This is also the oldest football rivalry on the professional level, going back to 1921 and producing nearly 200 games. The number of legends created throughout the years has filled the Hall of Fame, creating more memories than any football fan could hope for.

Alabama Crimson Tide vs Auburn Tigers

The SEC has been the dominant force in college football for the last two decades. At the heart of that is one of the best football rivalries that has nearly every fan across the country watching football when these two tangle.

Alabama has been the dominant name in college football over the last decade though Auburn has been there to thwart their efforts from time to time. Alabama leads the series 48-37-1, with the Iron Bowl going back to 1893.

This football rivalry has also produced one of the most memorable moments in college football history. In the 2013 incarnation, the game ended in the most dramatic fashion possible. A long field goal that landed short fell right into the arms of Chris Lynn Davis Jr., who ran over 100 yards to dramatically upset the top-ranked Tide.


Football rivalries will never get old, no matter if you are competing, a fan watching your team compete, or just love watching a good football rival game. Intimidate your opponent and shop Battle Sports football equipment for your next rivalry competition to play your best game yet.